Lighter Side: Awful real estate listing photos

by MPA17 Oct 2014
There’s no doubt you’ve come across a listing on MLS that had the most ridiculous photos: blurry kitchens, stretched bedrooms and maybe a few pictures that you couldn’t decipher at all.

Well, now you can find all those hilariously awful real estate photos on a new blog.

This blog has collected all those horrible photos and has effectively created a long list of don’ts when it comes to real estate photography. For example, make sure to wait until after the dog has finished its business before taking a photo, and remember to repair the shattered glass door showings. To see the pictures in all their awful splendour visit

"Wake up Eric, the agent’s here. And for heaven’s sake put some clothes on."

What’s been the worst photo you’ve seen on MLS? Tell us in the comments!