Lenda to expand in more states, invest in software platform

by Francis Monfort13 Sep 2017
Online lender Lenda has announced plans to expand its reach to more states along with increased investment in its software platform, which offers a complete refinancing or mortgage origination transaction online.

The company also said it plans to fill key management roles. The announcement follows the closing of a round of funding.

"Our mission at Lenda is to fix the broken mortgage-finance system by simplifying the entire process and providing customers with what they want – honesty, simplicity and speed," said Jason van den Brand, Lenda's co-founder and CEO. "Where middlemen like banks and brokers fail, we succeed."

"This new round of funding enables us to further build out our management team and expand our transformative service to more people in more states," he said.

Launched in 2013, the company currently serves the California, Washington, and Oregon markets. Initially offering a refinance product, Lenda now also provides new origination mortgages and plans to bring these offerings to more markets in 2017.

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