Investors Are 18 Percent of Current Residential Market

by 02 Oct 2012

REALTORS® reported that investors accounted for 18 percent of total residential sales in August. Investors have reported that in many cases they can obtain a positive cash flow converting properties to rental units. Approximately 67 percent of respondents who reported a sale to an investor reported a cash sale (compared to 69 percent in July).


  • by Time4change | 10/3/2012 2:12:52 PM

    Easy to understand. I was looking at a particular neighborhood last week and it was bathed in sales to investors for pennies, who then turned around and sold at many times the purchase price. Banks are foreclosing on borrowers, kicking them out, selling the home to an investor for $12,000 that turns up again a couple of months for an asking price of $99,000, sold for $85,000 for example. A few investors find themselves living the dream.


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