Inlanta Mortgage Announces Expansion into Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota

by 24 Sep 2008
Waukesha, Wis., September 24, 2008 ? Inlanta Mortgage, a mortgage banker and broker since 1993, announces it has expanded into three additional states: Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota. Despite the slow mortgage market, Inlanta Mortgage has succeeded in growing its business, and is actively seeking the addition of partner branches in these states. ?From our continued growth and expansion into additional states, we are able to provide increasing opportunities for our mortgage professionals, partner branches and the customers they serve,? said Joe Ramis, Branch Recruitment Director at Inlanta Mortgage. ?We encourage mortgage professionals to learn about our offerings, including how we allow them to originate more and worry less, and invite them to become a part of our growth into Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota.? Inlanta Mortgage, previously First Choice Mortgage (also known as Inlanta Mortgage Group, Inc., and Tradition Mortgage), has partner branches in Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Beyond bringing on more partner branches in these states and developing a strong presence in Indiana, Missouri and North Dakota, the company has plans for expansion into additional states in the future. Inlanta Mortgage provides mortgage professionals with the opportunity to join a company that reflects high standards of quality in the mortgage industry. In the current, somewhat unsteady mortgage market, Inlanta Mortgage has remained stable and continued to grow, adding more and more branches to serve mortgage professionals and borrowers. The company?s structure allows for its partner branches to focus on originating loans while the headquarters provides comprehensive, timely and accurate support in compliance, processing, technology, human resources, training, accounting, marketing, legal and in-house funding. For more information about Inlanta Mortgage?s branch partnership opportunities, please contact Joe Ramis at 262.650.9545 ext. 115. About Inlanta Mortgage Headquartered in Waukesha, Wis., Inlanta Mortgage is a mortgage banking company conducting business in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and North Dakota. Established in 1993, the company has grown to 25 branches in nine states and more than 100 employees. Inlanta Mortgage provides its partner branches with outstanding support services including marketing, compliance, processing, human resources, training, technology, accounting, legal and in-house funding. Customers working with Inlanta Mortgage professionals have access to a variety of loan programs, including FHA. Inlanta Mortgage upholds the highest level of honesty and ethics, delivering superior service and building long-lasting relationships. The Wisconsin Association of Mortgage Brokers has twice named the company Mortgage Broker of the Year (most recently in 2006) for its honest, ethical and professional business practices, longstanding membership and active involvement and volunteerism with the association. Inlanta Mortgage is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association, the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Better Business Bureau. For more information, please call Inlanta Mortgage at 262-513-9853, email or visit the company?s website at


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