Inlanta Mortgage Adds In-house Underwriting

by 10 Feb 2009
Expands support services to provide additional opportunities and added benefits Waukesha, Wis., February 10, 2009 ? Inlanta Mortgage, a mortgage banker and broker since 1993, has added in-house underwriting to its extensive list of support services for loan officers and partner branches. Randy Burgei, a FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriter, has joined Inlanta Mortgage to develop the company?s in-house underwriting, insuring and shipping departments. He also helped the company achieve full Eagle status, meaning Inlanta will be able to originate and sell FHA-insured mortgages without prior approval from a sponsoring lender. With Burgei?s Direct Endorsement status, the company can streamline the application process and provide greater flexibility for originators and borrowers. ?With numerous, significant benefits in operating with in-house underwriting, we are pleased to bring this resource to our loan officers and branch partners,? said Jean Badciong, Vice President of Operations at Inlanta Mortgage. ?It?s an honor to welcome Randy to the team, and we are looking forward to the contributions he will make to the growth and progress of our company.? With this attainment, Inlanta Mortgage is able to take advantage of improved pricing from many of its investors. Also beneficial is the familiarity and consistency gained by working solely with an in-house underwriting department, which is something not often achieved in working with outside firms. This added service is also helpful in recruiting mortgage professionals, who are looking to acquire the benefits of in-house underwriting. Increased control is another reason Inlanta Mortgage added an in-house underwriter. Accordingly, and with careful management, it can control its own turn times. The company will also benefit from control over individual branch file quality and the ability to provide training to loan officers on a regular basis, therefore allowing it to close more loans. The addition of in-house underwriting also brings many opportunities for the company. This includes the option to add FHA lenders who do not currently work under the sponsorship plans. Furthermore, with in-house underwriting, there are additional execution options for VA and USDA loans. And now, Inlanta Mortgage can offer third party origination services to banks and credit unions. With 23 years of government and conventional underwriting experience, Burgei has a wealth of knowledge and skill in underwriting FHA/VA, USDA and conventional first and second loans. His common sense approach to underwriting, ability to teach and train a team, plus his experience with several of Inlanta Mortgage?s existing investors make him an excellent fit to implement in-house underwriting at Inlanta Mortgage. For more information about in-house underwriting at Inlanta Mortgage, please contact Jean Badciong at 262-513-9853, ext. 145 or About Inlanta Mortgage Headquartered in Waukesha, Wis., Inlanta Mortgage is a mortgage banking company conducting business in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and North Dakota. Established in 1993, the company has grown to 25 branches in nine states and more than 100 employees. Inlanta Mortgage provides its partner branches with outstanding support services including marketing, compliance, processing, human resources, training, technology, accounting, legal and in-house funding. Customers working with Inlanta Mortgage professionals have access to a variety of loan programs, including FHA. Inlanta Mortgage upholds the highest level of honesty and ethics, delivering superior service and building long-lasting relationships. The Wisconsin Association of Mortgage Brokers has twice named the company Mortgage Broker of the Year (most recently in 2006) for its honest, ethical and professional business practices, longstanding membership and active involvement and volunteerism with the association. Inlanta Mortgage is a member of the Mortgage Bankers Association, the National Association of Mortgage Brokers and the Better Business Bureau. For more information, please call Inlanta Mortgage at 262-513-9853, email or visit the company?s website at


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