by 12 Jan 2010
Ok, lets look at this scenario: You need your car repaired, but you have to go to an Automotive Management Company and let them select who will get to fix your car. You cannot go to your trusted mechanic of 15 years anymore because the government wants to protect you from being ripped-off. You the consumer pay full pop to get your car fixed, the AMC gets to pocket part of your fee and the Mechanic get less than half of the fee. Is this a free market place at work? This is what has happened to the Independent Appraiser! Should appraisers unite and strike? Does HVCC make sense? Are you doing anything about this pro or con? Lamarr Banks


  • by Another Legislator Moving to County Government? | | 1/12/2010 5:36:54 PM

    [...] HVCC MADNESS | TNR Blog [...]

  • by Kenneth Cole | 1/15/2010 3:06:36 PM

    Am I the only one that understands the car analogy? Who wouldn't rebel against such a ridiculous scenario, yet the shock of only seeing two responses is incredulous. Wake up people! We're being MADOFF'd!!

  • by Steven H. | 1/23/2010 1:44:41 PM

    Good analogy. One thing you left out is that the guy who does end up repairing your car, in most cases, does half-assed work because those are the only guys willing to work for 40% of the normal fee (which, by the way, was too low before HVCC.) The HVCC could actually work if they did 2 things: limit the percentage an AMC could take to a low number like 10%, and do actual reviews of appraisals to get rid of incompetency and fraud, because even if the HVCC goes away, the bad appraisers will still be stinking up the room.


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