Houston realtors advised to tread carefully around foot fetishist

by Ryan Smith30 Aug 2016
The Houston Association of Realtors warned its members last week to be on the lookout from a foot fetishist.

The unknown man has been targeting female realtors whose pictures have been featured in real estate ads, according to the HAR. The calls begin with legitimate questions about a home listed for sale.

“However, he will then ask the agent to describe her footwear and will usually request that she remove her shoes, claiming that ‘it will improve cell reception,’” according to a HAR news release. “In some cases, he asks whether they have had a pedicure and that they describe the nail polish.”

According to the release, it’s “virtually impossible” to know that the foot fetishist is calling because his number displays as “blocked” on most phones. The caller tends to hang up abruptly if he’s transferred to a male. At least one brokerage in the Houston area has invested in a service to reveal blocked numbers so it could aid police investigations, the HAR reported.

“While no Realtors have been physically harmed by this man, they are understandably upset after being subjected to his requests for descriptions of shoes and feet during the calls,” the HAR release stated. So far, however, the contact has been limited to phone calls. On the occasions the caller has scheduled a home showing, he hasn’t shown up, according to the release.

“HAR urges Realtors and consumers to always make safety a top priority,” the release stated. “We recommend that you contact your local police department should you receive a call from this man. The more information that law enforcement can gather about this individual, the more likely it is that they will finally make this case a priority for investigation that hopefully brings about an end to the harassing calls.”


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