HouseCanary unveils platform for mortgage lenders

by Candyd Mendoza25 Oct 2019

HouseCanary has announced the launch of a proprietary platform built to help mortgage lenders establish and retain an ongoing relationship with customers.

The platform, ComeHome, is a co-branded mobile and desktop application that offers an online home search for prospective buyers that is embedded into the mortgage lender’s existing digital products.

“Lenders are seeking deeper relationships with their customers,” said Jeremy Sicklick, HouseCanary’s founder and CEO. “ComeHome allows lenders to quickly and easily offer powerful online home-search and homeowner capabilities in their own environment. There is no need for the lender’s customer to visit multiple websites; they never leave your environment, you retain them all the way through the process.”

Additionally, ComeHome enables homeowners to manage their home equity and get a better understanding of first mortgage, refinance, and home equity line of credit (HELOC) loan offerings.

The platform also allows lenders to deliver market changes and property alerts to their customers through email and mobile push alerts.