Guaranteed Rate launches LGBTQ-inclusion initiative

by Candyd Mendoza08 Aug 2019

Guaranteed Rate has announced PROUD, an internal organization aimed at promoting LGBTQ+ acceptance in the workplace.

The company said that the organization’s mission is to maintain a work environment in the mortgage industry that recognizes the talents of the members of this community, as well as make them feel safe and welcome. Guaranteed Rate provides education, awareness and a support network for LGBTQ+ initiatives.

"Our business has always been a place where everyone is welcome and respected," said Victor Ciardelli, founder and chief executive officer of Guaranteed Rate. "With the launching of our PROUD organization, Guaranteed Rate will have an additional platform to promote workplace diversity, particularly as it relates to members of the LGBTQ community. My long-term hope is that this type of inclusionary work-place model will be adopted and embraced by all kinds of employers throughout the country."

"Our hope is that PROUD can create a domino effect where other companies across the country follow our lead and become more LGBTQ+ inclusive, helping to push equality forward for those still fighting for acceptance and visibility," said PROUD ambassador Shimmy Braun. "There is no one happier than one who lives their authentic truth. It's time to help everyone feel as supported at work as I have for so many years."