Graphiq and Pitney Bowes partner up for interactive real estate visualization

by Anna Sobrevinas17 Jan 2017
Graphiq and Pitney Bowes announced Monday their partnership to improve the latter’s ability to “deliver enhanced data on local neighborhoods, school attendance zones, and more,” according to a news release.

Graphiq’s visualization technology, combined with Pitney Bowes’ granular local data, will give a more thorough real estate solution that will provide information “on everything from age distribution to cost of ownership at the most granular community level,” The released said.

 “Pitney Bowes’ neighborhood and community data is the most detailed in the industry,” said Alex Rosenberg, vice president of enterprise at Graphiq. “With this partnership, brokerages and portals will be able to easily access granular information at the neighborhood level without the extensive cost and complexity of working with raw data.”

“When it comes to deriving meaningful business insight, data is just half the battle,” said Dan Adams, vice president of data products at Pitney Bowes. “Being able to analyze that data and visualize relationships and patterns between data points is critical, especially in the real estate industry. We’re excited to partner with Graphiq and join our world-class capabilities to deliver value to U.S. customers.”

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