Fed continues taper, downgrades yearly economic outlook

by MPA18 Jun 2014
The Federal Reserve continues to taper its bond buys as expected after a meeting of the agency’s rule-making committee.

The Fed announced today that it would taper its purchases of Treasury and mortgage bonds by another $10 billion while still holding interest rates near zero. That reduces the agency’s total monthly bond buys to $35 billion.

It also moderated its outlook for yearly economic growth, cutting GDP estimates from 2.8-3% to 2.1-2.3% following a disappointing first quarter, according to a CNBC report.

The Fed also slightly lowered its unemployment rate expectations form their current estimate of 6.1-6.3% to 6.0-6.1%.

The Fed’s Open Market Committee said that although the economy “had rebounded,” unemployment “remains elevated.”


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