Far-out Friday: City's narrowest home to sell for wide price

by MPA29 May 2015
We thought the U.S. property market was hot. In a bold display of how heated the Australian market is, the narrowest home in Sydney is expected to sell for upwards of $700,000.

At only 9.3 feet wide, with an internal area of about 516 square feet and a land area of 409 square feet, the two-story Victorian terrace at 29 Terry St, Surry Hills, is roughly the same size as a one-bedroom apartment – or just enough room to swing a cat, the Daily Telegraph reports.

According to CoreLogic RP Data, the property was last sold in 1981 for $54,000, but is expected to sell for much more when it goes to Aauction.

First National Spencer & Servi’s selling agent, Annie Hodgson told the Daily Telegraph that a number of interested buyers had walked through the home so far, with more than six contracts handed out and strong interest from investors.

“It had been rented out and is looking a little sad and sorry,” Hodgson said. “It needs an enormous amount of work. I don’t think anyone who buys it would put tenants straight back in it.”

Depending on the quality of renovations, Hodgson said the property could have a rental return of between $600 and $650 a week.



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