Enthusiasm Breeds Success by Brian Stevens & Frank Garay

by 23 Nov 2011
    It's easy to let the market get you down. I just looked at the news today after being on the road for the past week and I've got to tell you, it was a little disheartening. Jobless claims are “surprisingly” up, foreclosure notice of defaults are spiking, housing starts, new home sales, and existing home sales have all hit the skids. As a result, rates hit levels not seen since women wore flappers doing the “cancan” while sipping martini's at speakeasies. Really, roundly crappy news no matter how you smear it against the wall. So what do you do? We'll, the good news is “this ain't our first rodeo.” All in the business have been in the business for quite some time. So we know something about suffering a bad market. We know folks have been in the market for quite some time because you'd be a fool to take up a job as an originator right about now. So for most of you, this is just more of the same. The problem is most can only take so much bad news for so long before sheer exposure will even make the strongest wilt. For some this may be the case. It got me thinking though - all the trends we read about, talk about, and often live, is collective news on a national level. Trends talk about the whole but for the originator it's a market of one. Point is, even our current state of disrepair has created opportunities and success. I'm coming off a pretty extensive travel schedule where I met with the folks at South East Mortgage in Atlanta, GA. Frank and I were greeted and shown the office which included all the marketing that they're excited about. Imagine that, actually being excited about marketing in the middle of our mess. Get this, they had a Contact Management Relationships division. The division existed for any and all of their Loan Officers and Realtor partners to use at any time and as often as desired. Now, I'm not doing a commercial for these guys, and I'm not telling you anything that could very well exist at your shop. The thing is, these guys, from management to the receptionist, were truly excited about what they've created. That type of enthusiasm breeds success. It's contagious. Let's face it, Loan Officer's are sales people and they all sell the same product. So when a potential buyer considers his lender they will consciously, or otherwise, choose the LO that exudes enthusiasm for their job. Further, if you believe in the efforts of yourself or your team, you're going to have more conviction in your efforts. Again, none of this is new or even newsworthy but does bear repeating on occasion. Because as I said earlier, the news we read, the conversations we have, are wrought with selling points that would allow our collective sales force to find excuses that fit their situation all too easy. So my point is - bring enthusiasm to your job. Find marketing that you can be excited about. In the face of obvious and overwhelming adversity, make a conscious decision to put your nose down and fight harder. Success exists, some have it in spades and it’s all born from a good attitude and hard work. Like Vince Lombardi said “It's easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you're a winner, when you're number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you're not a winner.” So Packer up and kick ass today... and tomorrow... and the next day. You get it. Thinkbigworksmall.com (TBWS) was founded in 2007 by a group of highly successful real estate and mortgage industry entrepreneurs. Born in the most battered market in the real estate and mortgage industrys history, Thinkbigworksmall.com was conceived after decades of observing how the most successful professionals always seem to work smarter not harder. Frank & Brian can be reached at tbwsdaily@gmail.com  


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