Country's best and worst property markets revealed

by MPA21 Jun 2013
A new report has revealed the country's hottest - and weakest - property markets.
Real estate market data from Zillow has shown the regions in the US that have experienced the most robust growth over the last year. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the figures were dominated by markets in California, with Sacramento, Vallejo, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, Merced, Modesto and San Jose all ranking in the top 10. Each metro area saw better than 20% year-on-year growth, with Sacramento property values rising 26.1%.
Flint, Michigan, also saw strong growth, edging up 24.9% from an extremely low base. But median house prices in Flint remain among the lowest among the country's metro areas, at $74,300.
While house prices across the US grew on average, trending upward by 5.4%, some areas continued to see decline. Macon, Georgia, saw the steepest year-on-year decline as house prices fell 7.7%, while Greensboro, North Carolina followed closely with a 7.1% decline.


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