Visualization: How to get people to understand your process

by 26 May 2015
By David Lykken
Special to MPA

On the May 18th episode of my Lykken on Lending radio broadcast, I had the opportunity interview process improvement expert David Lord on how to prepare for TRID. During our discussion, David shared a brilliant idea that's applicable not only to TRID but also to all complex processes that mortgage professionals must integrate into their organizations.

The problem is often that people fail to see how their roles fit into the big picture. It's hard to see how everything fits together when you're only focused on your own responsibilities. When members of your team can see how their responsibilities fit in with the responsibilities of others, the process is much more likely to break down.

David suggests designating an area of your workspace as a sort of "war room," a place where your overall process can be laid out for all to see. Take up an entire wall and physically graph, from origination to closing, how your process looks and who contributes at each step along the way.

Giving people an actual visual of what the process looks like from start to finish will help them see how they fit in with the larger strategy of your organization. When they can see how everything is connected, they will be far better equipped to do their jobs. Visualization is the key to execution.


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