Police seeking man who posed as real estate agent to scam buyer

by Scot Kersgaard20 Jun 2016
San Antonio police are on the hunt for a man accused of scamming a homebuyer by claiming to own a home he didn’t actually own, according to a HousingWire report.

Chris Hinojosa is accused of posing as a real estate agent to steal $20,000 from a prospective homebuyer. According to HousingWire, the buyer responded to an “owner to owner” real estate sign posted on the side of the road. After meeting with Hinjosa, she agreed to buy a home he said he owned.

The woman made two payments totaling nearly $20,000 to Hinojosa, but later discovered that he wasn’t a real estate agent – nor did he own the home she thought she was buying.

“He fleeced this person,” San Antonio Police Sgt. Jesse Salame told local news channel KVUE. “It’s probably best not to respond to a sign on the side of the road. Look up licensed realtors.”

According to HousingWire, an eviction notice taped to the home’s door indicates that the actual owner of the property is now suing Hinojosa.