MPA Hot 100 2014

by Ryan Smith20 Dec 2013
MPA Hot 100 2014
Welcome to the inaugural MPA Hot 100. We asked you, the mortgage origination community, to pass on your suggestions for the big names to be considered for the Hot 100. From CEOs and presidents of the major lenders to local heroes, the names came flooding in.

While this isn’t an exhaustive list of influential players, we’ve whittled it down to the 100 people who we think merit a mention this year – whether it’s for their stellar achievements, or for hitting the news for the wrong reasons.

MP America Hot 100

Michael Deery, President, Citywide Financial Corp

Michael Deery
Born and raised in Donegal, Ireland, Michael Deery moved to the US in 1994 to play soccer for the University of San Diego, and he’s brought that winning attitude to his work. In 2012, Deery was recognized as one of the top mortgage originators in the nation, funding $89m in loans. Deery is also an avid writer, contributing frequent columns to the San Diego Union- Tribune’s weekend real estate section.
Ben Bernanke, Chairman, Federal Reserve

Ben BernankeBen Bernanke's words and deeds have had a massive effect on interest rates. His easy-money policies, for example, helped mortgage rates drop to near-historic levels in 2013, driving a boom in refinance activity across the country. Then his lack of substantive communication on the fate of the Fed's quantitative easing program helped drive rates up a full percentage point over the summer, strangling the refinance boom. Then his decision, along with the rest of the Fed's policy-making board, to leave the program in place helped rates drop again.

Allyson Kreycik, Senior Loan Officer, Guaranteed Rate

Allyson Kreycik
Allyson Kreycik is one of the top originators in the country, but she got there by sticking to oldfashioned customer service, sending postcards and handwritten notes. Kreycik—who told MPA she “learned the business by being thrown in the fire”—nonetheless keeps her business booming, scoring $164m in originations last year.

Amy Tierce, Regional VP, Fairway Independent Mortgage

Amy TierceAmy Tierce, described by her colleagues as a “rock-star mortgage guru,” has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. For the last seven of those years, she’s been leading one of the top branches at Fairway Independent Mortgage. Tierce’s Newton, Mass., branch is home to five of the company’s top 10 producers nationwide. Although she’s a sought-after speaker at industry events, Tierce also finds time to keep her branch active in local philanthropy, lending support to organizations that help the homeless and victims of domestic violence. In the wake of the 2012 Boston Marathon bombings, Tierce and her staff hosted a day of shopping on Boston’s Boylston Street, raising $50,000 for One Fund, a charity formed to assist victims and families affected by the bombings.
Edward DeMarco, Acting Director, FHFA

Edward MarcoEdward DeMarco is not a popular guy right now. The acting head of the Federal Housing Finance Administration, DeMarco has broached a plan to lower Fannie and Freddie maximum loan limits -- a plan that's garnered support from … well, from practically no one. Industry groups hate it. Congressional representatives say DeMarco doesn't have the authority to do it. But DeMarco is standing firm, saying a loan limit decrease is in the cards for 2014.

Brett Mills, Branch Manager, Academy Mortgage Corporation

Brett MillsBrett Mills has been one of the top loan offi cers in the country over the past few years, but he still finds time to give back. A member of Academy’s President’s Club—which includes those doing $20m in purchase business or $40m in total volume— Mills was rewarded for his hard work with a week of volunteer work in a tiny Guatemalan village. “That’s the trip to be on,” Mills told MPA. “We literally give the shirts off our backs, and it’s so rewarding.”

Cindy Laffey, Branch Partner, Inlanta Mortgage

Cindy LaffeySince joining Inlanta Mortgage, Overland Park, in 2011, Cindy Laffey has become the highestproducing loan officer in one of Inlanta’s top branches. She has been recognized as being among the nation’s top 1% of mortgage originators, and last year was named a “Woman Who Means Business” by the Kansas City Business Journal. Laffey and her husband, Kevin, are the organizers of an annual charity golf tournament that’s raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last four years for deserving causes.
Janet Yellen, Nominee for Chair, Federal Reserve

Janet YellenJanet Yellen, the presumptive replacement for Ben Bernanke, beat out top Obama pick Larry Summers to the relief of mortgage industry groups, who feel her dovish monetary policies will keep rates low.

Daniel Milstein, Founder and CEO, Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group

Daniel MilsteinWhen Daniel Milstein fl ed the former Soviet Union as a teenager, he took along one suitcase and 17 cents in pocket change. Today, he’s one of the top originators in the country. Milstein established Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group in 2000 and has led the business ever since. Milstein has personally closed more than $3bn in loans, and Gold Star closes $1bn annually.

Donald Frommeyer, President, NAMB

Donald Frommeyer
Donald Frommeyer is the president of the National Association of Mortgage Professionals (NAMB). A vocal advocate for brokers, he has continually lobbied for the CFPB to modify its mortgage regulations, and has stood in opposition to compensation restrictions.
Jeb Hensarling, Chairman, House Finance Committee

Jeb HensarlingJeb Hensarling is one of the leading proponents of killing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. He essentially wants to totally privatize the mortgage industry, eliminating federal guarantees even as industry experts insist that to do so would make mortgages too expensive for many middle-class home buyers. Hensarling's pet legislation, the PATH Act, passed the House Finance Committee without a single Democratic vote, but industry groups are fighting it all the way.

Eric Tishaw, COO, HomeTown Lenders

Eric TishawWhen Eric Tishaw and his friends started HomeTown Lenders, they were “just a small group of friends who wanted to originate loans together and have fun doing it.” Since then, HomeTown Lenders has grown by leaps and bounds and Tishaw has become a recognized leader in the industry, a prolific author of articles published in major industry publications, and an in-demand speaker.

Donald Layton, CEO, Freddie Mac

Donald LaytonFreddie Mac has seen record profits roll in since Donald Layton took the helm in May of last year. Freddie announced in November that it would be sending $30.4bn to the Treasury after fourth-quarter earnings of $30.5bn. With that payment, Freddie has officially sent more money to the government than it got when it was bailed out following the financial collapse of 2008. Still, many lawmakers are looking to bury Freddie despite the money it continues to pump into the Treasury.

Glenn StearnsFounder & Chairman, Stearns Inc.

Glenn Stearns

Glenn Stearns leads one of the most successful lending companies in the business today. Leveraging innovative technology to grow his firm, Stearns has grown the company into one of the top lenders in the nation, with more than $11.8bn in volume last year.

Greg Frost Sr., President, Frost Mortgage

Greg Frost SrGreg Frost Sr. is the country’s first billiondollar originator. Last year, one in 16 home buyers in the Albuquerque area obtained their mortgages from Frost and his team. A soughtafter speaker, Frost conducts seminars to share the secrets of his success with his industry colleagues..
Elizabeth Warren, Member, Senate Banking Committee

Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth Warren is a vocal proponent of mortgage reform. She wants not only to change the role of the government but also to keep a federal guarantee so that mortgages stay within the reach of middle-class borrowers. She's also adamant that the government's affordable housing goals were not to blame for any part of the housing meltdown and insists that the crisis happened "one lousy loan at a time" as investors recklessly purchased and sold risky mortgages.

Jim Cutillo, Founder and CEO, Stonegate

Jim CutilloMortgage Jim Cutillo founded Stonegate Mortgage in 2005 and has shepherded the company to dizzying growth ever since. In the fi rst six months of 2013, Stonegate originated $4bn in loans, and in October had a loanservicing portfolio worth $9bn. In November, Stonegate grew even further, announcing the acquisition of Nationstar Mortgage’s multibilliondollar wholesale lending channel.

Jodie Tanga, Director of Business Development, Pacific Rim Mortgage

Jodie Tanga

Jodie Tanga was just 22 when she set up her own branch of a friend’s mortgage company in 2005. Since then she’s seen her business grow by leaps and bounds. In 2012, Pacific Rim did $120m in production, and Tanga herself originated $60m.

Marc Demetriou, Branch Manager, Residential Home Funding

Marc Demetriou
Marc Demetriou co-hosts a weekly radio show that covers trends in real estate, the mortgage market and other financial topics. He can also close deals; last year, Demetriou closed $76m in residential mortgage loans. He’s been recognized as one of the top originators in New Jersey and among the top 1% in the nation.

Anny Havland, Founder, Neighborhood Mortgage

Anny Havland
Anny Havland and her business partner, Bill, have grown Neighborhood Mortgage from a kitchen-table operation to a multimillion-dollar business. But Havland is better known in the Bellingham, Wa., area as the creator and host of Talk It Up TV, a popular internet television show that spreads positive news and brings attention to worthy causes. Havland has been recognized as one of Bellingham’s most fascinating people and one of Washington State’s women of the year, coming in ahead of Melinda Gates.
Brian Moynihan, CEO, Bank of America

Brian MoynihanBrian T. Moynihan has had a lot of trouble this year. The head of the nation' third most prolific mortgage originator has seen his bank forced to fork out millions this year to settle discrimination claims and lawsuits over its sale of mortgage-backed securities. In October, the bank was found liable for defrauding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac through the sale of subpar mortgages.

Bill Rogers, CEO, Homeowners Financial Group

Bill Rogers

Bill Rogers was recognized in 2012 as Arizona’s Mortgage Banker of the Year. Under his leadership, Homeowners Financial Group has been recognized two years in a row as one of Arizona’s most admired companies and one of the state’s best places to work for the last eight years. In 2010, Rogers co-founded the Care Fund, a charity that provides mortgage, rent and housing relief to families whose children face serious illness.

Chad JampedroPresident, GSF Mortgage

Chad Jampedro

Chad Jampedro began his career at GSF Mortgage in 2001, joining the company as a loan originator in the Illinois branch. Jampedro worked his way through the ranks and designed and implemented the strategies that saw GSF through the financial meltdown. “Chad capitalizes on the opportunities presented to him and pushes our company forward in times of abundance and scarcity,” said GSF owner Jim Guzanick. “He has faced the worst financial crisis of the generation and has brought the company through it stronger than before. He has designed a client-focused origination strategy that secures GSF in the marketplace for years to come.” Jampedro has led the company to awards as a USDA Platinum Million Dollar Lender and one of National Mortgage News’ top tech-savvy lenders.

Mel Watt, Incoming Director, FHFA

Mel WattPresident Obama's pick to become director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Mel Watt has the support of industry groups like the Mortgage Bankers Association, but faced stiff opposition from Senate Republicans. Watt was finally confirmed after a lengthy partisan battle.

David LykkenManaging Partner & Owner at KLS Consulting

David Lykken

A 40-year industry veteran, David Lykken shares his expertise through frequent speaking engagements at industry conferences and seminars and as an expert on FOX Business, CNBC, CBS Evening News, Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg Radio. Lykken also hosts Lykken on Lending, a weekly, hour-long online radio show geared towards mortgage professionals.

Eduardo Perez, President, Equity Loans

Eduardo Perez
Since founding Equity Loans in 2008, Eduardo Perez has grown the company from one to more than 30 locations across the country, adding 17 branch locations in 2012 alone. Under Perez’s guidance, Equity Loans was recently named one of the fastest-growing American companies, achieving 655% sales growth over the last three years. Equity has also been recognized as one of the top companies in Georgia.

Gregory Garrabrants, President and CEO, BofI Federal Bank

Gregory Garrabrants
Gregory Garrabrants has led BofI Federal Bank since 2007. In that time, the bank has become a power player in the wholesale market, recently expanding its lending fi nance division for industrial and commercial lending. Under Garrabrant’s leadership, the bank has consistently ranked as one of the strongest-performing fi nancial institutions in the country. BofI even teamed up with Costco, the warehouse department store, to offer mortgages to its customers, and was recently named the best of the store’s 10 providers. The company has proved that internet-based banking can be a success, posting record income in the third and fourth quarters of fi scal 2013.

Laura Leonhard, Branch Manager, Inlanta Mortgage

Leonhard Laura

Laura Leonhard is one of Inlanta’s top producers despite joining the company only a year and a half ago. She leads Inlanta in USDA loan production and in 2012 was among the top USDA lenders in the nation, with more than $16.5m in loan volume for USDA loans alone. Leonhard led Inlanta to a USDA Platinum Million Dollar Lender award in 2012.

Mark Cohen, Founder, The Cohen Financial Group

Mark CohenMark Cohen has been California’s top mortgage originator by dollar volume for 12 of the last 17 years. Closing more than 18,000 deals since 1999, Cohen has also been recognized as the top mortgage professional in Los Angeles. In 2012, Cohen closed more than $590m in loans.

Mat IshbiaPresident, United Shore Financial Services LLC

Mat Ishibia

Before Mat joined United Wholesale Mortgage —the wholesale division of United Shore Financial— he’d already made a name for himself in the world of athletics, playing in three straight NCAA Final Fours and, with his teammates at Michigan State University, winning a national championship in 2000. When he took over, United Wholesale Mortgage was doing around $100m in mortgage generation per year. Now the CEO of both United Wholesale and United Shore, Ishbia has led the company to $6bn in residential loans in the first half of this year. That’s more than triple the company’s total production for 2011. United Wholesale is now the number five wholesaler in the US.

Michael Mann, Branch Manager, Fairway Mortgage

Michael Mann

Michael Mann has a heart for service, raising money for disabled veterans. Through a partnership with the Boot Campaign, his fi rm recently gave a mortgage-free house to a Purple Heart-winning veteran. “While he is out ahead of the marketplace with his mortgage practice, he possesses a spirit of humility for what he has built,” said Brian Heckman of The Heckman Group. “Most people, in any industry, that have a winning formula have white knuckles from holding so tightly to their successes and failures. But Mike’s DNA is laced with genuine care for helping people achieve greater signifi cance.” According to Spencer Stott of Essex Mortgage, Mann is “very inspiring, motivating, generous, successful and [a] great example for myself and anyone in the mortgage business looking to grow and become a top producer.”

Mike Hardwick, President, Churchill Mortgage

Mike HardwickSince founding Churchill Mortgage in 1992, Mike Hardwick has grown the fi rm to a national company that lends in 31 states, and the company celebrated its 20th anniversary last year by originating more than $1bn in loans for the fi rst time. Hardwick is also serious about keeping the company active in the community, sponsoring blood drives and food drives, donating to the local children’s hospital, and giving a mortgage-free home to a veteran in October. Hardwick also takes care of his employees; the company was rated one of the top workplaces in Tennessee this year, and Hardwick recently initiated a stock ownership plan to give his employees more of a stake in the company.

Rick and Patty Arvielo, Co-founders, New American Funding 

Rick ArvieloWhen Rick and Patty Arvielo founded New American Funding in 2003, they envisioned a company focused on good pricing, fast home loan closes and excellent customer service. Today, New American Funding boasts over 800 employees and funds more than $400m in home loans each month. The company recently landed on Inc. 5000’s list of the nation’s fastest-growing companies for the second year in a row. The Arvielos are also active in Big Brothers Big Sisters, bringing a mentorship program to New American Funding to teach kids important life and workplace skills. In addition, Patty is deeply involved in the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, and earlier this year spearheaded a campaign to address challenges faced by Hispanic homeowners.

Raymond Bartreau, Founder and CEO, Best Rate Referrals

Raymond BartreauRaymond Bartreau was just 23 when he founded Best Rate Referrals in 2005. Today, the mortgage marketing fi rm is recognized as one of the top companies in Nevada, nearly tripling its revenue between 2009 and 2012, and Bartreau himself has landed on several “40 under 40” lists and has won repeated recognition as one of the top industry professionals. “We just build partnerships and relationships, and really dive into what their needs are,” Bartreau told MPA. “We spend a lot more time consulting with our partners rather than just selling them leads.”

Shashank Shekhar, CEO, Arcus Lending

Shashank ShekharShashank Shekhar entered the mortgage industry in 2008 with just three people in his database. After less than fi ve years in the industry, Shekhar was among the top producers for 2012 with a production volume of $68m. A blogger, speaker and author of three books, Shekhar is widely regarded as “California’s No. 1 mortgage expert,” according to Angie’s List.

Steve Grant, President, Credit Plus

When Steve Grant took the reins at Credit Plus 16 years ago, the company—founded by his father — employed just 10 people and offered just 10 products. Today, the firm has 210 employees and offers 160 products that allow mortgage professionals to make smart lending decisions. Under Grant’s leadership, Credit Plus has doubled its market share in each of the past two years and is projecting another year of record growth ahead.

Tom Hurst, President, StreetLinks Lender Solutions

Tom HurstWhen NovaStar Financial acquired PipeFire, LLC DBA StreetLinks in 2008, the company was doing about 300 or 400 appraisals a month. Under Tom Hurst’s leadership, the company—now called StreetLinks—is averaging 50,000 appraisals a month, and their appraisal and technology products are used by thousands of mortgage professionals nationwide.

Vladimir Bien-Aime, President and CEO, Global DMS

Vladimir Bien Aime

As the co-founder and CEO of Global DMS, Vladimir Bien-Aime is a pioneer in web-based appraisal service. Since its founding in 1999, Bien-Aime has led Global DMS to become an industry leader in appraisal management, with more than 20,000 clients and a 100% retention rate. Bien-Aime was recently recognized as one of Philadelphia’s top minority business leaders and is the winner of numerous mortgage technology awards.

Joe Caltabiano, Senior VP of Mortgage Lending, Guaranteed Rate

Joe Caltabiano

Joe Caltabiano has closed over $100m in loans every year since 2004, and in 2012 he funded more than $300m in loans. That made him the number one originator in Illinois for the second year in a row and one of the top originators in the nation.

Mark Maimon, VP of Residential Mortgage Lending, Sterling National Bank

Mark Maimon

Mark Maimon started in the mortgage industry in 2002, quickly becoming one of Sterling National Bank’s top originators. He’s also been recognized as one of New York City’s top 10 originators and as one of the top originators in the country every year since 2006.

Bob Brower, President, George Mason Mortgage

Bob BrowerBob Brower has led George Mason Mortgage to become one of the leading lenders in the nation, with nearly $8bn in originations in 2012. The company was also at the head of the pack in wholesale lending, doing more than $2.5bn in total wholesale volume last year.

John Councilman, President-elect, NAMB

John Councilman

John Councilman, the 2009 National Association of Mortgage Professionals (NAMB) mortgage broker of the year, is currently the association’s presidentelect. He’s testified before the House Financial Services Committee on the future of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA).

Marc Savitt, President, NAIHP

Mark SavittMarc Savitt heads the National Association of Independent Housing Professionals (NAIHP), which, with more than 10,000 members, is the nation’s largest trade organization representing mortgage brokers. Savitt, a tireless advocate for regulatory reform, has testifi ed 10 times before Congress and is currently battling the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) over the effect of new mortgage regulations. “Marc balances his support for competition in the marketplace equally with the needs of consumers to access credit,” said LoanTec CEO Adam Stein. “His forthright demeanor is refreshing and appreciated by his peers and the industry he represents. Simply put, Marc Savitt is the best leader I have seen in the mortgage lending industry in many years.”

Jill Kinsman, President, NAPMW

Jill Kinsman

As president of the National Association of Professional Mortgage Women (NAPMW), Jill Kinsman leads a 3,000-member-strong organization of mortgage professionals that strives to promote equal opportunities and recognition for women in the mortgage industry. Kinsman focuses on member education, offering webinars and live classes through the association to deepen originators’ knowledge of the industry.

Katherine Le, President, Stearns Lending

Katherine Le

As a child, Katherine Le was captured with her family as they tried to escape the Communist regime in Vietnam. Eventually relocating to Southern California, Le earned a bachelor’s degree in business management. When she took the reins at Stearns Lending, the company had an employee base of 30. Under her leadership, the company has grown to 1,500 employees, with licensing in 49 states and the District of Columbia, and become one of the largest independent mortgage lenders in California. Le was recently recognized by the Orange County Business Journal as one of the county’s most prominent female executives.

Rodney Anderson, Executive Director, Supreme Lending

Rodney Anderson

Rodney Anderson is one of the nation’s top originators of FHA and VA loans as well as one of the best closers in the country. Last year, Anderson closed more than $163m in total loan volume. In between closing loans, Anderson still fi nds time to be an author, consumer advocate and prolifi c blogger. Anderson hosts a weekly segment on Dallas/Fort Worth television and has appeared as an expert on CNBC, MSNBC, FOX News and FOX Business.

Jacob Deegan, Loan Officer, Flagship Financial Group

Jacob Deegan

Jacob Deegan is a specialist in Veterans Administration (VA) loans, and one of the top VA loan originators in the US. Last year he closed 916 loans—all VA mortgages—for $177m in total volume.

Ben Anderson, Sales Manager, Mount Olympus Mortgage Company

Ben Anderson

Ben Anderson is one of the top originators in the country, and his business keeps getting bigger. Promoted to sales manager at Mount Olympus Mortgage Company in 2011, Anderson manages a team of bankers while continuing to originate himself. Last year, Anderson closed more than 550 loans for almost $216m in business—a $36m increase on his 2011 volume.

Charles Wagner, SVP, Lending Division, CBC National Bank

Charles Wagner

When Charles Wagner joined CBC in 2007, the bank was just getting back into the mortgage business. Wagner started a small wholesale division with a plan to lend a maximum of $25m a month. That business quickly grew to more than $50m a month. Under Wagner’s guidance, the bank’s mortgage unit developed new strategies and software to maximize its business, and today does between $150m and $180m in business every month.

Dominic IannittiPresident & CEO, DocMagic Inc

Dominic Lannitti

Dom Iannitti founded Document Systems Inc. more than 25 years ago to package and deliver documents with same-day service. Since then, Iannitti has moved to the cutting edge of mortgage technology, pioneering the concept of electronic delivery, introducing one of the first mortgage data auditing systems and leading the way for e-signed documents. DocMagic recently released BorrowerMobile, an app that turns any tablet or smartphone into a seamless communication tool for borrowers and lenders.

Kevin Zhu, Managing Director of Sales, MLD Mortgage

Kevin Zhu
Kevin Zhu is no stranger to success. A perennial member of the industry’s elite, Zhu has been recognized as one of the top mortgage originators in New Jersey and among the best in the nation. Zhu’s team at MLD Mortgage closed more than $370m in loan volume last year, with Zhu himself closing more than $239m.

Michael Meena, President, Augusta Financial

Michael Meena
A mortgage professional since 1990, Michael Meena has been among the top 25 originators in the country and the top 10 in the state of California for fi ve years running, and was voted the best lender in Santa Clarita, Calif., seven years in a row. Last year, Meena closed nearly 750 loans for more than $246m in volume.

Mehdi Prizadeh, Senior Mortgage Banker, EagleBank

Mehdi Przadeh

Born in Iran, Mehdi Pirzadeh moved to the US at a young age and grew up in Bethesda, Md. Although he began his professional life as a sales engineer for a software company, Pirzadeh quickly realized his true calling was in the mortgage industry. Pirzadeh was wise to make the move; last year, his total volume was more than $172.4m.

Jerry Vigorito, SVP, Atlantic Residential Mortgage

Jerry Vigorito

With more than 30 years in the mortgage industry, Jerry Vigorito is one of the driving forces behind Atlantic Residential Mortgage, consistently ranked the number one mortgage company in Connecticut. Vigorito is also a driving force behind music and charity in the state; a gifted musician himself, he co-founded Band Together CT, an organization that stages concerts to raise money for state charities. So far, Band Together CT has raised more than $1m for charity, and Vigorito has been honored with the Red Cross Hero Award and was recently named the Fairfi eld (Conn.) Theatre Company’s Artist of the Year.

Ashley J. Taylor Jr., Partner, Troutman Sanders

Ashley TaylorA partner at the Troutman Sanders law firm, Ashley L. Taylor Jr. heads up a legal team to help clients respond to enforcement actions by the CFPB. As a former deputy attorney general for Virginia, Taylor knows how to respond to enforcement actions by state attorneys general, often the CFPB’s de facto enforcement agents.
William Emerson, CEO, Quicken Loans

William EmersonWilliam Emerson believes in an open corporate culture. He gives his personal cell phone number out to his employees -- all 8,500 of them. He's also led Quicken Loans in a stellar rise through the industry. When Quicken Loans was founded in 2006, it was the 34th-largest originator in the nation. Now it's originating more loans than Citigroup, US Bancorp or Bank of America, putting Quicken comfortably among the top five mortgage originators in the nation.
Timothy Mayopoulos, CEO, Fannie Mae

Timothy MayopoulosTimothy J. Mayopoulos took the reins at Fannie Mae in June of 2012. The company has seen record profits under his leadership, and is now close to paying off the $116.1bn it got from the federal government after teetering on the brink of insolvency following the financial crisis. Still, many in Washington insist that Fannie should be shut down.
Alessandro DiNello, President and CEO, Flagstar Bank

Alessandro DinelloAlessandro P. DiNello has been with Flagstar Bank and its predecessor, Security Savings, since 1979. DiNello has spearheaded the strengthening of the bank's risk management and quality control improvements, as well as leading Flagstar to become one of the country's top wholesalers. Last year, 94% of the bank's $53.6bn in loans was wholesale volume.
Adam Kessler, President, Academy Mortgage Corporation

Adam KesslerWhen Adam Kessler became acting president of Academy Mortgage in 2005, he decided the company wasn't going to follow the fast and loose practices that were netting big profits for some in the industry, but ended up contributing to the financial meltdown. By focusing instead on sustainable lending, Academy grew while many mortgage companies were folding. The company now 1,500 people and makes 26,000 home loans a year, and Kessler was recently named one of Utah's top young entrepeneurs of 2013.
Pouyan Broukhim, Owner, PB Financial Group

Pouyan BroukhimPouyan Broukhim founded PB Financial Group in 2006 as a small brokerage, funding transactions between $100,000 and $2 million. Today, he's one of California's top hard money lenders, funding $75,000,000 in residential and commercial loans last year.
Victor Ciardelli, President and CEO, Guaranteed Rate

Victor CiardelliVictor Ciardelli founded Guaranteed Rate in 2000. within three years, he'd led the company to become the largest independent mortgage lender in Chicago. Today, it's the largest independent retail mortgage company in the nation, employing more than 2,700 people across the country. Guaranteed Rate has been one of Illinois' fastest-growing companies seven years in a row, and in 2012 Ciardelli was recognized as one of the state's top entrepeneurs.
Jon Marcoline, Branch Manager, FBC Mortgage

Marcoline JonathanJon Marcoline didn't need the refi boom to bring him business. Marcoline was one of the top originators in the country last year, closing more than $58 million in loans -- 100% of them purchase loans.
Josh Shein, VP, Reverse Mortgage Network, Maverick Funding

Josh Shein has done great things at Maverick Funding since joining the company last year. As vice president of Maverick Funding's Reverse Mortgage Network, Shein has shepherded the wholesaler to become one of the top reverse mortgage lenders in the country, increasing its reverse volume by 158% between 2012 and 2013.
Harinder Johar, SVP and Branch Manager, Guaranteed Rate

Harinder JoharHarinder Johar did nearly $404 million in loan volume in 2012. That's almost 1,300 loans -- more than any other originator in the country last year. Johar closed an average of 3.5 loans per day in 2012.
Scott Gordon, Founder and CEO, Open Mortgage

Scott GordonScott Gordon has made technology an indispensable part of his business. A self-described "software engineer who kept starting companies on the side," Gordon told MPA, "I can’t help pulling technology into any company I do. Technology is never an answer unto itself, but it’s a way to take a business to the next level." Gordon has a passion for sharing his high-tech tips with other mortgage professionals, making weekly coaching videos for his loan officers and writing a book, "Social Media for Loan Officers."
Paul Volpe, VP and Senior Loan Officer, NOVA Home Loans

Paul VolpePaul Volpe knows how to close loans; for the last several years, he's been among the top five closers in the nation. Last year, Volpe closed more than 1,200 loans for more than $254 million in originations.
Corey Dubnoff, President, American Financial Resources

Corey DubnoffAs president of American Financial Resources, Corey Dubnoff leads one of the country's most successful direct lenders. AFR has funded more than $2.7bn in loans in the past year, and is one of the nation's top FHA lenders.
Les Acree, Executive Vice President, Wholesale, Freedom Mortgage Corporation

Les Acree has led Freedom Mortgage's wholesale division to become one of the most successful in the industry. Last year, Freedom Mortgage did more than $9.7bn in wholesale business -- 71% of their total volume.
Risha Kilaru, Loan Officer, Prospect Mortgage

Risha KilaruRisha Kilaru is no stranger to hot lists, being consistently recognized as one of the country's top originators. Last year, Kilaru did more than $112 million in total volume. She also went against the refi trend -- 71% of that volume was for purchase loans.
Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General, New York State

Eric ShneidermanEric Schneiderman is the attack dog of the mortgage reform crowd. He's one of the driving forces behind the National Mortgage Settlement, an agreement reached last year between big banks and 49 state attorneys general. He's also the quickest to sue when he thinks banks are violating the terms of the settlement; Schneiderman is pursuing mortgage-related lawsuits against HSBC, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.
Randy Szabo, Loan Originator, Washington First Loan Corp

Randy Szabo is one of the major players in the FHA loan space. Last year, he originated nearly $70 million in FHA loans -- 88% of his total loan volume of more than $79 million. He was also in the top five orignators in total dollar volume for Washington State last year, and among the top-dollar originators in the country.
Shimmy Braun, VP of Mortgage Lending, Guaranteed Rate

Shimmy BraunShimmy Braun, Guaranteed Rate's top producer for four years in a row, is also perrenially among the top producers in Illinois and the nation. Last year, Braun did more than $310 million in total volume and had a closing ratio of 95%.
Suren Sampat, SVP, 1st Advantage Mortgage

Suren SampatSuren Sampat started his career in the mortgage industry as an entry-level auditor. Within 12 years, he held an executive post. The top producer for 1st Advantage nine years running, Sampat’s motto is that treating customers well leads to even more customers. That motto has worked well for him; last year, Sampat did more than $187.5m in loan volume.
David Stevens, President and CEO, MBA

David StevensA former commissioner of the Federal Housing Administration, David Stevens took the reins at the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) in 2011. Stevens has been a vocal critic of the new mortgage regulations as well as the "endless barrage of legal actions" which he says threatens the industry and borrowers' access to credit.
Preet Bharara, U.S. Attorney, Southern District of New York

Preet BhararaPreet Bharara prosecutes white-collar criminals, and he's very, very good at it. When he's not throwing insider traders in the slammer, Bharara is going after mortgage fraudsters. In April, he put away a multimillion-dollar FHA scammer and sued GFI Mortgage Bankers for violating fair lending laws. He's also found time to get several people indicted -- other suspects pleaded guilty -- in a massive mortgage-modification scam that swindled more than 500 homeowners across the country.
Tim Roach, VP, Trident Mortgage Company

Tim RoachSince joining Trident Mortgage in 1993, Tim Roach has financed more than $1.5bn in loans. He's been among the top 200 mortgage originators in the nation since 1999 and the top mortgage consultant in Pennsylvania since 2009. Last year, Roach originated more than $188 million in loans.
Mary Jo White, Chair, Securities and Exchange Commission

Mary Jo WhiteSince President Obama picked Mary Jo White to head the SEC in January, she's been tenacious in going after big banks. Under her leadership, the SEC is currently suing Bank of America over its sale of $850 million in mortgage-backed securities, and recently wrung a $153.7 million settlement from the Royal Bank of Scotland in a similar case. White also wrung an unprecedented admission of wrongdoing from lending titan JPMorgan Chase over the "London Whale" scandal.
Mitchel H. Kider, Chairman and Managing Partner, Weiner Brodsky Kider PC

Mitchel KiderAs a managing partner of the Weiner Brodsky Kider law firm, Mitchel H. Kider is one of the premier attorneys in the country for housing policy matters. He's defended clients in more than 100 state and federal class action lawsuits, as well as representing clients in investigations by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and other regulators. A frequent speaker at industry events, Kider is also the author of six law books pertaining to residential mortgage finance.
Andrew Huszar, Senior Fellow, Rutgers Business School

Andrew HuszarA former Morgan Stanley managing director, Andrew Huszar managed the Federal Reserve's first foray into quantitative easing, a $1.25 trillion mortgage-backed security purchase program in 2009-2010. But Huszar has since had a Saul-on-the-Damascus-road moment, and is now one of QE's biggest critics, calling the Fed's current $85bn-per-month bond-buying program "the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time" in the Wall Street Journal. Huszar argues that the Fed's always-on money faucets are allowing Washington to avoid confronting the real crisis: a fundamentally unsound U.S. economy.
Richard B. Payne Jr., Vice Chairman of Wholesale Banking, U.S. Bank

As vice chairman of wholesale banking, Richard B. Payne Jr. has made U.S. Bank's wholesale channel a force to be reckoned with. U.S. Bank funded $8.1bn of mortgages through loan brokers in the fourth quarter, displacing Provident Funding Associates as the nation's largest player in the channel.
Rebecca Mairone, Default Servicing Executive, Bank of America Home Loans

Some people are hot for all the wrong reasons. As the only individual named as a defendant in this year's government lawsuit against Bank of America, Rebecca Mairone was found liable, along with BOA, for for bank subsidiary COuntrywide Financial defrauding Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac through the sale of defective mortgages. The fraud cost Fannie and Freddie more than a billion dollars, but the Feds are only demanding $864 million from BOA -- and damages from former Countrywide exec Mairone "commensurate with her ability to pay." To add insult to injury, the New York Times has called Mairone "the new face of the housing crisis." Ouch.
Michael Corbat, CEO, Citigroup

When Michael Corbat took over at Citigroup in October of 2012, the bank was in trouble, being one of the lenders hardest hit by the financial crisis. By the second quarter of 2013, Corbat had reversed the bank's fortunes -- profits in that quarter soared 44% to $4.2bn. But that success came at a cost -- Corbat unloaded $18bn in troubled loans and announced the layoffs of 11,000 employees -- including 1,000 mortgage unit employees.
Dan Green, Loan Officer, Waterstone Mortgage

Dan Green is among the top loan officers in the country in terms of volume, but his real claim to fame is his blogging. Green founded The Mortgage Reports in 2004. Today, it's considered to be the nation's top consumer mortgage blog. Green is also in demand as a speaker, appearing at mortgage and real estate conferences across the country.
Robert Dubrish, President, Wholesale Division, New Penn Financial

Robert Dubrish has led New Penn Financial's wholesale division to become one of the industry's best. Last year, Dubrish's wholesale division did more than $1.9bn in wholesale volume -- 41% of New Penn's total business.
Gary Chase, SVP, First Mortgage

Gary ChaseWith more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Gary Chase is one of the top originators of FHA loans in the country. In 2012, Chase originated more than $166bn in loans -- more than $133bn of which were FHA loans.
Jamie Dimon, CEO, JPMorgan Chase

Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase -- the nation's second-largest mortgage lender -- took the unprecedented step of directly negotiating with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to settle numerous government investigations over JPMorgan's mortgage-bond sales. Dimon also presided over the largest mortgage settlement in history; JPMorgan reached an agreement with the Feds to pay $13 billion to settle the government's claims.
Peter Bell, President and CEO, MRMLA

As president of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, Peter Bell has been a tireless advocate for the avaqilability of reverse mortgages to seniors, and a staunch supporter of sensible improvements to make the reverse mortgage system better. Bell pushed Congress this year to pass the Reverse Mortgage Stabilization Act of 2013, which aimed to increase the stability of the reverse mortgage system. After the act's passage, the NRMLA worked with the Department of Housing and Urban Development to further refine and improve the program.
John Stumpf, CEO, Wells Fargo

John G. Stumpf heads up Wells Fargo -- the biggest mortgage lender in the country. The bank has fared better under Stumpf's leadership than most of the other big banks, emerging from the recession at the top of its game. But the most notable thing Wells has done mortgage-wise this year is laying off thousands of mortgage unit employees – a tactic shared by the other big banks.
Scott Everett, President, Supreme Lending

Scott EverettSince founding Supreme Lending in 1997, Scott Everett has grown the Texas-based company into a nationwide company with more than 70 branches. Everett was recognized this year as one of the most tech-savvy industry professionals out there for his company's implementation of software that monitors loan officer licensing requirements and a company-wide intranet with position-specific home pages. He also took his company paperless more than a decade ago -- back when most lenders were still producing reams of waste paper -- and introducing proprietary pricing and appraisal management software to boost efficiency.
Donald Fader, EVP, SMC Home Finance

Donald FaderDonald Fader started out in the mortgage business in 1985. A small-town business owner, Fader nonetheless has had a nationwide impact on the industry. A staunch advocate of independent brokers, Fader has served in numerous positions in the National Association of Mortgage Professionals, and served on North Carolina's state mortgage advisory council. Fader is also a past president of the North Carolina Association of Mortgage Professionals, and SMC Mortgage was named small business of the year in Kinston, N.C. Fader was also recognized last year as NAMB's mortgage professional of the year.
Andrew Peters, CEO, First Guaranty Mortgage Corp

Andrew PetersAndrew Peters isn’t afraid to stay on the cutting edge of technology to enhance his business. Under his leadership, First Guaranty has pumped up its wholesale channel with programs that track its third-party originators, earning the company recognition as one of the most tech-savvy lenders in the business. Peters is also an advocate of “common-sense” lending, urging originators to look beyond a customer’s FICO score before making a loan decision.
Mary Dinkins, Regional President, Cornerstone Home Lending

Mary DinkinsNearly 33 years in the business haven't slowed Mary Dinkins down. One of the top originators in the nation, Dinkins has more than $1bn in loan production, including more than $104 million in volume last year alone. When she's not busy originating loans, Dinkins oversees offices in five states and is a sought-after speaker at industry events.
Brian Minkow, SVP, Prospect Home Mortgage

Brian MinkowBrian Minkow is one of the industry's top closers, with a closing ratio of 96% in 2012. That added up to some serious numbers in total volume: Minkow closed almost 750 loans last year for a total volume of more than $270 million.
Michael Raimi, Managing Director, WCS Lending

Michael Raimi was a successful attorney before entering the mortgage business in 2003. His success in the courtroom carried over to the closing table; Raimi personally closes millions of dollars in loans per year and oversees a sales team that includes some of the industry's top producers. Raimi himself is also a top producer, with a total volume of almost $175 million last year.
Travis Newberry, Branch Manager, Fairway Independent Mortgage

Travis NewberryA retired Marine who lived in 10 different locations during his service, Travis Newberry knows a lot about the stress of financing a new home. That experience has led him to make the mortgage process as easy as possible for new home buyers. That effort has paid off, leading to Newberry's recognition as one of the top mortgage professionals in Atlanta and the addition of his name to the Registry of Business Excellence.
Stanley Middleman, Founder and CEO, Freedom Mortgage Corporation

Stanley-MiddlemanStanley C. Middleman has led Freedom Mortgage to become one of the top lenders in the country. Seeing record growth in 2012, Freedom Mortgage is one of the country's most successful wholesalers, as well as one of the biggest VA lenders in the country, originating $5.6bn in new VA mortgages between October of 2012 and June of 2013.
Leif Thomsen, Founder, Owner and CEO, Mortgage Master

Leif ThomsenLeif Thomsen founded Mortgage Master in 1988. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the largest privately-owned lenders in the nation, employing more than 750 mortgage professionals and providing lending services in 22 states. In 2012, Mortgage Master funded nearly 24,000 loans for a total volume of more than $7.3bn.
Gayle McLaughlin, Mayor, Richmond, California

Gayle McLaughlin brought the middling-sized city of Richmond, Calif., to sudden national prominence this year with a plan to use the power of eminent domain to seize underwater mortgages from noteholders in an effort to save struggling homeowners. The plan drew a firestorm of protest from industry groups, and lending giants including Wells Fargo and Deustche Bank even filed a lawsuit to stop it. The suit was tossed, however, and McLaughlin said she thinks more cities will follow Richmond's lead once the plan is executed. Whether it ever will be, however, remains to be seen.
Jonathan Logan, Founder, Better World Mortgage

When Jonathan Logan founded Better World Mortgage in 2006, his business model was a bit different than most -- to create a "socially responsible" mortgage referral service. Brokers who register with Better World Mortgage pledge to donate 10% of their personal commissions to a charity of the borrower's choice. With contributions going to charities as diverse as the Red Cross, the Boys and Girls Clubs and the World WIldlife Fund, Better World Mortgage provides help for deserving organizations -- and a nice tax write-off for its customers.
Jim Sadler, Reverse Mortgage Advisor, Liberty Home Equity Solutions
Jim SadlerJim Sadler nearly quadrupled his loan volume between 2011 and 2012. In the process Sadler became one of the most prolific originators of reverse mortgages in the country, closing more than $11m last year.


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