Lighter side: Builder spends $50,000 to turn home into cat utopia

by MPA02 Feb 2015
Peter Cohen, co-founder of Trillium Enterprises, loves his 14 cats. So much so that he spent around $50,000 to transform his Santa Barbara, California, home into a cat paradise.

The 3,000-square-foot house now has a series of high walkways, tunnels, ramps and perches designed to make his favorite felines feel comfortable and entirely at home. It also includes 22 litter boxes—all located in ventilated closets—and five autonomous robotic vacuum cleaners that are switched on almost every day in order to pick up the cats’ hair.

“Our house was built for us AND our cats. The catwalks are fun for the cats, giving them lots of places to explore, hang out, etc,” Cohen told the Daily Mail. “But the catwalks are also for me. They're architecturally interesting to me in the colors and we always try to do something interesting with the shape."

Click here to watch a video tour of his home.


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