Far-Out Friday: This job's for the dogs

by MPA03 Oct 2014
Licking your co-workers' faces would get you fired in most companies, but for a new hire at an Austrralian mortgage brokerage, it's in his job description.

Graeme Salt of Origin Finance told MPA's sister publication, Australian Broker, that the company recently appointed an office cocker spaniel as its "Stress Management Strategist". Henry Daniell, as the stress-busting dog is named, has his own LinkedIn page, and his soon to have his own blog on the brokerage's website. Salt said Henry was brought onboard to help lift staff and client spirits, as well as to set the company apart from its competitors.

"It’s hard for brokers to differentiate themselves.  Having Henry in the office makes the clients appreciate that we are real humans.  When they leave the office, they clearly remember us," he said.

Henry also helps brokers take everyday frustrations in stride.

"He has had a huge impact on morale.  If you are a broker who is getting frustrated while on hold to a bank, having a chin to scratch calms you down," Salt said.


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