Are you farming your database correctly?

by Ryan Smith21 Jun 2019

Mortgage originators are so concerned about bringing in new business that they often forget about the gold mine they’re already sitting on – their database. That’s why Sales Boomerang is hosting a free webinar Tuesday to help originators learn how to convert more fon their database than ever.

“’No borrower left behind’ is our mission,” said Alex Kutsishin, co-founder and chief marketing officer at Sales Boomerang. “Everything we do is to support that mission. We want to make sure there’s no borrower out there who could benefit from a better loan, but they just get missed. This industry is so focused on hunting that farming gets forgotten.”

The webinar will focus teaching originators how farming their database correctly will:

Grow their referral networks and multiply the number of referrals they get

  • Significantly increase client retention
  • Significantly increase LO retention and recruitment
  • Build emotional connections between originators and their borrowers
  • Give originators a consistent amount of opportunities year-round
  • Give originators access to all their refi deals, all the time
  • Give insight on the deals that are possible right now

Sales Boomerang plugs into an originators database and monitors the prospects in that database for significant life events, such as credit-score improvements, shopping events, and so on. When it detects such events, it notifies the originator.

“All of these significant events, we’re following, so you as an originator can get in contact with your borrowers and your prospects in a selfless way that’s beneficial to the borrower – not in a selfless way that says, ‘Hey, I’m fishing for information. Are you in a position to buy or do something? Oh, you’re not? Forget you,’” Kutsishin said. “Instead, ‘Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Borrower, I know this event has happened in your life. Let me give you some options. Let me be a true advisor to you.’”

Sales Boomerang’s free, 60-minute webinar will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. Eastern time. To register, click here.