Accounting tool for mortgage bankers used for recruitment

by Anna Sobrevinas10 Jan 2017

Mountain West Financial, a private mortgage banker, has used accounting tool AMB (Accounting for Mortgage Bankers) to recruit branch managers, according to a news release.

Made by Advantage Systems, a company servicing the mortgage industry with accounting and financial management tools, AMB was selected by Mountain West Financial to rationalize its accounting. It enabled MWF to make specific reports while saving time and reducing physically-demanding tasks.

AMB served as a recruiting tool for branch managers and accounting staff who were in favor of using it. It also enabled MWF to track impound amounts for its settlements using AMB’s "loan level detail."

“AMB has helped us in our efforts to attract the most talented staff,” said Stacy Mohr, vice president of capital markets at Mountain West Financial. “We heavily tout our use of the most advanced mortgage technology when recruiting, and Advantage Systems’ software has been instrumental in hiring the best qualified branch managers and accounting staff.”

“Our system solves a wide variety of mortgage lenders’ specific needs,” said Brian Lynch, president of Advantage Systems. “Not only does it enable lenders to eliminate manual processes when reconciling accounts, but it serves as a valuable resource for branch managers who want access to data about the performance of individual loans or loan officers.”

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