Academy Mortgage and social responsibility as corporate culture

by MPA12 Jun 2014
Academy Mortgage Corporation’s Academy Foundation for the Future held its charity golf tournament Wednesday in Evergreen, Colo.

Academy Mortgage has an extensive corporate social responsibility model, which involves charitable giving and hands-on work both at home and abroad. Academy supports local causes like habitat for humanity. And top Academy originators who achieve “President’s Club” status are rewarded not with a lush vacation getaway, but the opportunity to go to a developing country for a week of charitable work.

“We just think it’s important to give back. It’s something different – an opportunity to see how the rest of the world lives,” said Academy Mortgage President Adam Kessler. “Our corporate culture is that every day we try to wake up and figure out how to make people better. The attitude of that focus has been very successful from a business perspective, and it’s also been very rewarding to the people who get to be a part of it.”

Founded in 1988, Academy now has about 1,800 employees across the country. With over 135 branches nationwide, Academy is licensed in 46 states. The company’s Academy Foundation provides finances, materials and labor to disadvantaged individuals and communities in need of assistance in the areas of education, housing and infrastructure.


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