Young Guns 2014

by Ryan Smith06 May 2014

Young GunsMeet the young stars who are making waves in the mortgage industry

Welcome to MPA’s inaugural Young Guns report. We asked you to nominate mortgage professionals aged 35 and younger who had already made a splash in the industry, and your suggestions came flooding in. We’ve whittled the list down to 50 young people who we think merit a mention. From CEOs to hot young originators to tech geniuses who are changing the face of the business, these are the men and women who hold the future of the industry in their hands.

The Young Guns:

Name Profile Pic Company
Ben Hargraves Ben Hargraves Integrity Home Loan
Marco Merati Marco Merati Village Mortgage
George Ockovic George Ockovic United Northern Mortgage Bankers
Shaun Groves Shaun Groves United Wholesale Mortgage
Todd Green Todd Green Greenlight Loans
Jacob Petersen Jacob Petersen Accenture Mortgage Cadence
Kevin Little Kevin Little Regions Bank
Nicholas Fratini Nicholas Fratini Advisors Mortgage Group
Mark Fisher Mark Fisher United Northern Mortgage Bankers
Lisa Lund Lisa Lund Lund Mortgage Team, Inc.
Christin Luckman Christin Luckman Guaranteed Rate
Elijah Murray Elijah Murray GoRefi
Scott Dubnoff American Financial Resources
Joseph Rinner Joseph Rinner ReverseVision, Inc.
Thomas Gresham Thomas Gresham Benchmark Bank
Zachary Levesque Zachary Levesque Maverick Funding Corporation
Angel Davis-Viren Angel Davis-Viren Keystone Mortgage Company
Pouyan Broukhim Pouyan Broukhim PB Financial Group
Rich Vellucci Rich Vellucci Residential Home Mortgage
Sean Brannan Young Guns Capital Funding Corporation of America
Shant Banosian Shant Banosian Guaranteed Rate
Danny Martin Danny Martin Loan Simple, Inc.
Austin Bowman Austin Bowman Caliber Home Loans
Emily Wilson-Sandefeur Emily Wilson-Sandefur Heritage Financial
JJ Mack JJ MAck American Pacific Mortgage
Randy Hamilton Randy Hamilton Open Mortgage
Brandon Matyas Brandon Matyas Gateway Funding
Raymond  Bartreau Raymond Bartreau Best Rate Referrals
Jake Krabbe Jake Krabbe Academy Mortgage
Caleb Guillory Caleb Guillory TagQuest
Dominic Mancini Dominic Mancini Guaranteed Rate
AJ Franchi AJ Franchi Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group
Mike Nielsen Mike Nielsen Guaranteed Rate
Amber Young Amber Young WJ Bradley Mortgage Capital
Jonathan McKinnies Jonathan McKinnies Hallmark Home Mortgage 
Phil Cresta Phil Cresta Residential Home Mortgage
Michael Shotnik Michael Shotnik Colorado Mortgage
Michael Gonzales Michael Gonzales Open Mortgage
Al Murad Al Murad LoanDepot
Tyler Rhea Tyler Rhea Norcom Mortgage & Insurance
Richard Todd Pityer Richard Todd Pityer AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation
Jodie Tanga Jodie Tanga Pacific Rim Mortgage
Sean Clark Sean Clark Advisors Mortgage Group
Chris Kosonen Young Guns JPMorgan Chase
Whittney Curran Whittney Curran Academy Mortgage Corporation
Gene Dupuis Gene Dupuis Open Mortgage
Michael Clarke Young Guns AmeriSave Mortgage Corporation
Gregory Krohmer Young Guns  
Christopher Swartz Christopher Swartz Keystone Funding
Matt Moubray Matt Moubray Polaris Home Funding


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