Whittney Curran | Young Guns 2014

by Ryan Smith05 May 2014
Whittney CurranWhittney Curran
Age: 32
Loan officer, Academy Mortgage Corporation

With more than nine years of experience under her belt, Whittney Curran is both a trainer and mentor to other loan officers and a heck of a salesperson in her own right. In the last two years, Curran has originated 162 loans for a total sales volume of $25m.

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Sales Manager & Senior Loan Officer, Academy Mortgage Corporation (2005)
Years of Experience:
BA- Public Communications, Event Planning Minor in Spanish, University of Idaho
Current State Idaho
Home State  

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  • by Kari Whitsitt | 5/16/2014 5:51:45 PM

    Whittney is incredibly knowledgeable. She is always the "go to" when other LOs have questions. She knows her stuff!

  • by Deborah Hudson | 5/17/2014 10:42:20 AM

    Very knowledgeable and thorough. Congrats, Whitney!


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