MPA Hot 100 2014: Randy Szabo

by Ryan Smith20 Dec 2013
Randy Szabo
Name: Randy Szabo

HOT 100: Randy Szabo is one of the major players in the FHA loan space. Last year, he originated nearly $70 million in FHA loans -- 88% of his total loan volume of more than $79 million. He was also in the top five orignators in total dollar volume for Washington State last year, and among the top-dollar originators in the country.
  • Loan Officer, Washington First Mortgage Loan Corporation
    • Ranked #3 Top FHA Volume in the Nation-Top Originators, Scotsman Guide,2012; FHA Volume Ratio 88%
    • Ranked #1 FHA Volume in Washington-Top Originators, Scotsman Guide 2012
    • Ranked #5 Top Dollar Volume in Washington and Ranked #273 Top Dollar Volume in the Nation, Scotsman Guide 2012
    Current Town Kirkland, Washington

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