These are the best state capitals to live in

by Steve Randall21 Feb 2018

An analysis of America’s state capitals shows that Austin, Texas ranks the highest for the best to live in.

The research of all 50 state capitals by considered several factors including affordability, economic wellbeing, quality of life, and quality of education and health.

Although Austin took the top spot, the other high-rankers are spread across the country with Madison, WI; Boise, ID; Lincoln, NE; and Bismarck, ND; completing the top 5.

The best capitals to live in overall do not rank the highest in individual metrics though.

For example, for affordability Pierre, SD takes the top slot while Boston, MA ranks the worst. Boston though has the lowest debt as a percentage of median income (Helena, MT has the highest).

Those in Juneau, AK have the highest median income (adjusted for cost of living) while Hartford, CT has the lowest. These two state capitals are also best and worst respectively for share of population in poverty.

The highest share of Millennial newcomers is in Denver, CO while Santa Fe, NM has the lowest.

Source: WalletHub

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