The 36k-population neighborhood that’s hot for real estate investors

by Steve Randall05 Sep 2017
A neighborhood to the north of Philadelphia’s Center River has emerged as the hottest market for real estate investors.

Data from real estate crowdfunding firm Sharestates says there has been a 650% increase in demand from investors wanting to put their cash into property in Fishtown.

That’s because of an attractive 11.8% return on investment and the ratio of the total loan amount compared with after repair value is 14%.

It puts the neighborhood of 36,000 ahead of places such as Flatbush, Brooklyn, NYC; Kissimmee, FL; and Jersey City, NJ.
"Each of these cities is seeing increased interest from investors," founder and CEO Allen Shayanfekr told Business Insider.
"The majority of the properties in these markets are considered to be reasonably priced and relatively affordable, providing investors with the potential to make a sizeable return. But what these cities all have in common, in addition to great people, is a competitive and demand-based real estate market that helps drive investment and monetary returns."
The top 5 are:
  1. Fishtown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  2. Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York
  3. Sparrows Point, Maryland
  4. West Babylon, New York
  5. Kissimmee, Florida


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