ShelterZoom to offer cryptocurrency option within months

by Steve Randall26 Feb 2018

ShelterZoom says that its blockchain-based real estate offer and acceptance platform Offer NOW has seen strong growth since launch, and it’s now preparing an industry first for 2018.

The firm plan to offer the first mass market cryptocurrency payment option by Q2 2018, starting with Ether, the Ethereum currency. Initially this will only be available for payment of rent and it’s the company’s service fees but further options will be added later.

"Allowing cryptocurrency payments via ShelterZoom widgets will give real estate buyers and sellers alike an innovative new solution to exchange real estate with cryptoassets,” said Dmitry Goroshevsky, ShelterZoom’s chief architect. “These payments will be eventually open to real estate professionals and consumers. Until now, most real estate cryptocurrency payments have been ad hoc, one-time events. ShelterZoom’s approach is designed to make the entire payment process simple, secure and scalable.”

To drive the firm’s solution forward it is seeking reselling partners and has teamed up with Australian property transaction software company Rundl.

"The Rundl and ShelterZoom partnership will strategically enable an end-to-end online offer to closing, which integrates their blockchain-based secure offer data with our online collaboration features,” commented Graeme Perkins, co-founder of Rundl. “This empowers real estate buyers to purchase properties with ease and speed."

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