Realtors are more likely than average to support good causes

by Steve Randall05 Dec 2018

Slightly more than half of Americans donate to charitable causes every year but a new survey finds that Realtors are far more generous.

The National Association of Realtors poll shows that 88% of Realtors give to good causes annually compared to 56% of the general population.

The Community Aid and Real Estate Report, known as the CARE Report, provides insight on the monetary and volunteer contributions that general members at-large, broker-owners and Association Executives of Multiple Listing Services give to society.

The report reveals that 81% of broker-owners and 90% of AEs or MLS staff donate every year.

Volunteering is also a big thing for NAR members with 85 percent of AEs and MLS staff reporting that they do so monthly for a median amount of 10 hours. Seventy-seven percent of broker-owners volunteered on a monthly basis for a median amount of 10 hours, followed by 66% of members at-large for a median of eight hours.

“The findings in this report highlight what we’ve known all along - that Realtors go above and beyond to serve their neighbors,” said NAR President John Smaby. “Realtors® across the country not only work to help people achieve the American dream, but they also work hard to make a difference in our communities and make them better places to live.”


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