Real estate experts to ponder future of our cities

by Steve Randall12 Apr 2018

A panel of experts from real estate, construction, and property management will meet at a series of event to consider how our cities must evolve for the future.

Organized by global industry body RICS, the Summit Series Americas 2018 began in Houston, San Francisco and Miami in January, but will be heading to New York next month (May 14) along with Mexico City, Toronto and Sao Paulo.

The series tackles the same issues at each location but with local speakers adding their take. There is also a global summit being held in London, UK this month.

"Each summit looks at global issues like rapid urbanization, rising sea levels and climate change from local and regional perspectives," said Peter Smith FRICS, RICS Governing Council member, Americas Chair and an Executive Director with Ernst & Young in the Property Tax Services Group. "Also, at each stop we value a local icon. We started with the Johnston Space Center in Houston and recently Disney World at the Miami Summit. In New York, we're seeing if the Brooklyn Bridge is worth more than the Golden Gate Bridge and the CN Tower is also on our list."

So far the panels have discussed disaster relief, how data can improve construction practices, and whether we're in the midst of a bubble and how valuation and mitigation measures can insulate investors against risk.

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