Here’s the most expensive places to live in the US

by Steve Randall12 May 2017
Hawaii has been named the US state with the highest cost of living but which other markets are topping the league?

A study by GoBankingRates measures the cost of living across America compared to the national average, using metrics including housing, groceries, transportation, healthcare and other expenses.
It found that for the lowest housing costs, Mississippi is the place to be as they are 31.6% less than average followed by Alabama at 26% below the average.

California is one of the most expensive for housing costs at 92.7% above average but Washington DC leaves that in the shade with housing costing 134% above the national average.

Including the other factors along with housing, Hawaii is 67.4% more costly than the national average followed by DC (49.2%), New York (35.2%), California (34.8%) and Massachusetts (34.7%).

Mississippi (14%), Indiana (12.1%), Michigan (11.8%), Arkansas (11.5%) and Oklahoma (11.4%) are the states with the lowest costs of living.

The report, From California to New York: The Cost of Living Across America, also shows that Oklahoma has the lowest transportation costs in the country, 11.9% less than the national average, while Alaska pays the most for healthcare with costs 46.6% above the average.

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