Are offers via blockchain the next big thing in real estate?

by Steve Randall09 Nov 2017
New York-based tech startup ShelterZoom believes it is launching the future of buying real estate using the secure technology of blockchain.

The new platform, which will be in beta launch from November 27, allows buyers and their agents to instantly submit offers from any online real estate listing using a powerful dashboard, widget and mobile app.

ShelterZoom’s widget can be easily installed on any real estate listings website and both the widget and the app are built on the secure Ethereum blockchain network.

Founder and co-director Amir Allen Alishani says the migration of real estate offers to the online realm is following the trend of consumers increasingly buying big-ticket items online. He says it will be a real benefit to real estate agents.

“It will offer a competitive advantage to real estate firms and professionals who seek to expand their market horizons and need greater speed, accuracy and transparency in the process,” he says.

While the success of the platform will only be determined post-launch, James Bovell, broker and owner of RE/MAX Cayman Islands is impressed so far.

“ShelterZoom, from what I have seen, seems to know where they can help agents, brokers and brands in the streamlining of part of the transaction and negotiation process, he said. “This keeps everything in one place and everyone involved up to speed so that nothing is missed. This also helps from a transparency basis with their relationships with either the buyer and/or seller, and the buyer and/or seller will have a better experience as well.”

The service launches initially in the US but there are already plans for international expansion.

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