Interest rates

  • Bigger Loan Amounts, Lower Interest Rates: Jumbo Mortgages in 2013 by

    Sales of luxury homes in the United States made a significant contribution toward the overall recovery of the housing market in 2012, and they are largely expected to play a similar role in 2013.

  • Why Mortgage Rates Are Not All Created Equal by

    Purchasing a home or refinancing a mortgage? Now is a fantastic time to consider applying for a home loan. Mortgage rates are at market lows and affordability has never been more opportunistic. The question everybody asks when getting a mortgage is "what is your rate?"

  • Mortgage Rates Seen Staying Below 4 Percent by Steve Cook

    Though a number of critical questions face the US economy, from the unfinished business in Washington like the debt limit and spending cuts to lackluster growth, the outlook for mortgage rates is relatively predictable and not very exciting.


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