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  • Hurricane Sandy Recovery Funds by

    Homeowners whose properties were devastated by Hurricane Sandy last year have been given a boost, with HUD announcing it will allocate $5bn in additional recovery funds to the coastal communities hit by the storm.

  • Top 10 Baby Boomer Cities by

    Top 10 Baby Boomer Cities

  • Fastest Growing Large Cities by MPA

    The speed of population growth in a city is a lead indicator of a potential increase in demand for its housing. Originators in these cities will be pleased to read, therefore, they they've made the US Census Bureau’s list of fastest growing "large cities"

  • Largest Population Increases by MPA

    In terms of sheer numbers, the list of cities who have seen largest population increases contains some more familiar names. New York leads the pack by some distance with a 12-month population increase of 67,058, while second-placed Houston and third-placed LA are practically neck and neck with 34,625 and 34,483 respectively.

  • Lead Generation by The Numbers by MPA

    What mortgage originators need to know?

  • Top Wholesale Lenders by Market Share by MPA

    Top Wholesale Lenders by Market Share