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Trump’s divisive rhetoric could impact real estate projects

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Mortgage Professional America | 09 Dec 2015, 06:30 AM Agree 0
Donald Trump’s latest high-profile rhetoric may gain votes from some minority groups but what is it doing for his real estate development projects?
  • Dave Francis | | 14 Dec 2015, 08:00 PM Agree 0
    Be forewarned YOU GOP establishment that if you mess with Donald Trumps bid for the White House, your days will be numbered. You will see a mass exodus from the Republican Party, to a new Independent identity. Every American and legal resident will be welcomed into a Trump voter pool, except any illegal 'Overstays' or illegal immigrants.

    Trump will be a great President, with the assistance of a Vice President as Ted Cruz of Texas or any advisor who can create a better atmosphere within the party. Any games to dismiss his future momentum, such as outrageous hidden behind closed doors committees will be fatal for the hard core GOP. The Donald knows the 'Meat and Potatoes' of the issues that is killing our economy. HE IS THE JOB MAKER.

    Mr. Donald Trump has defied the media and has not slunk away with his tail between the legs or allowing the political status quo once again to define our future. As I have said before, his greatest asset against the powerful and influential is his own money? But Trump is beyond the greed, although he is a billionaire, the special interests cannot manipulate him. Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and US Chamber of Commerce cannot buy him off, as they do with Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush. They are both sellers of power and making the rich richer and if we can rid ourselves of them, they will no longer have a monopoly over the American people.

    The trouble for the GOP elitists is that Trump is not their puppet because he doesn't have any strings to control, having his own brand and not part of their oligarchy. Trump doesn't fit into society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest entities. If road blocks are placed in every step of the way he will in essence become a lame duck, but he will have the people on his side. Donald is exceptionally confident he can return hundreds of thousands of jobs, buy cleaning up renegotiating the terrible foreign trade agreement--that is far from being fair. This is because the ruling capital class takes everything and leaves us nothing. Trump has the plans to abolish the IRS, implement a fairer tax system. Kill estate taxes and end the never ending Liberal rules and regulations that drag down starter small business. Our country can't afford to stagnate during the next administration, especially with the Democrats in power--the givers of free stuff.

    I am not interested in the words of those in Congress, and that goes especially the Obama Administration. Unfortunately, I was one of the brain dead who happened to vote for a fresh faced of a Senator called Barack Obama. After he became President, after the first year I realized that I had made a giant error and it's hard to forgive myself. Every issue has become a social experiment, which has divided this nation.

    One year to go and who knows what further damage this administration do to the fabric of this country. Our economy is stumbling, but it's not the blame of just the Democrats, but the Republicans as well. Each party can be identified with the image of a wrecking ball that is slowly bringing us to ruin. The US government has outweighed its original platform of guarding our liberties, by trying to take away our right to protecting ourselves via the authors of the 2nd amendment. Our colleges and places of learning are a radical hives of anarchists, who still retain the professorships, but instead indoctrinate our young scholars with the ideology of extreme socialism.

    Our borders are wide open to invasion by millions of foreign nations, filing into our country with contraband, job seekers, welfare beneficiary, and drug cartels. Obama who is supposedly the commander in chief should prosecute anybody who arrives here, but instead ignores the immigration laws of enforcement, instead plotting against the American worker offering refuge to illegal immigrants and migrants. Such an action on its own should attribute to impeachment, by stealing jobs from citizens and permanent residents.

    This Liberal government harvests the illegal alien invaders, knowing they will join the Democratic challenge to the conservative members of the party. Even the GOP establishment has played into his net, rewarding Obama with funds from the Congressional purse for Obamacare, immigration reform known better as amnesty and even attributing to taking the cap off the federal budget.

    Finally the American people have seen through Obamas web of lies as just another Liberal with efficient effort of giving away OTHERS people money. Focus your attention of the ever increasing numbers of the illiterate and impoverished people that are arriving here. The US border Patrol and the interior ICE agents are hands are cuffed by supervisors-- taking their outrageous orders from that dimwit in the Oval Office.

    This government is catering to the illegal aliens, and paying with taxpayer's money to support them, while many of our Senior Citizens go without and broken soldiers and families suffer under the policies of Washington. The cost to taxpayers is not disclosed, but it's certainly anywhere $$100 to $$200 billion in our money.

    Following the terrorist massacre in San Bernardino, California, Trump called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration to the United States, until Homeland Security can clean up their act. Obviously he was hurriedly condemned by President Obama, Hillary Clinton, most of his Democrats antagonists for the Republican presidential nomination and that includes most of the Leftist media outlets for establishing an unprecedented temporary bar on Muslim people.

    Trump countered that we’re at war with radical Islamic terrorism and now the intelligence agency has clearly recognized that these inhuman butchers have attached themselves to the Syrian Refugees and that it his suggestion, is just common sense to revisit visa applications for the past year. From the same intelligence officials are now saying that these radicals have at their disposal Syrian passport making machine and able to counterfeit these documents. A substantial majority of Republicans, even Democrats – and a commanding amount of all voters – agree with Trump and support a ban on Muslim immigrants--temporarily.
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