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Trump finance chair was sued for Madoff fraud profit

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Mortgage Professional America | 06 May 2016, 11:24 AM Agree 0
Donald Trump’s new finance chair – a former head of Goldman Sachs’ mortgage department – was sued in 2010 for the millions his mother made in an investment with Ponzi scheme mastermind Bernie Madoff
  • Ben Y. | | 06 May 2016, 12:43 PM Agree 0
    And??? What did he do wrong? This is really a story? I congratulate him on getting his money from Madoff. Crappy reporting- Ryan you don't even try to tie him to Madoff personally.
  • | | 06 May 2016, 12:47 PM Agree 0
    fiance chairman ??
  • | | 06 May 2016, 12:49 PM Agree 0
    Ryan needs to find real stories to write about.. typical media.
  • HonestJon | | 06 May 2016, 12:51 PM Agree 0
    Anyone can sue anybody at anytime for any reason. So this is news? Jeez, the case got thrown out as a frivolous lawsuit so get off Mnuchin's back.
  • | | 06 May 2016, 01:06 PM Agree 0
    MPA, rediculous story. Think of all the people that only read the headlines and believe he actually had something to do with the ponzi scheme. MPA it may be time to remove you from my email!
  • Madge | | 06 May 2016, 01:06 PM Agree 0
    What a BS story...and an even bigger BS headline! Shameful...
  • | | 06 May 2016, 01:23 PM Agree 0
    I was going to comment but then i figured I already wasted enough time reading that article
  • John | | 06 May 2016, 01:26 PM Agree 0
    Amen, Madge. More media led misinformation designed to take a non-story, add a big headline and use it to try and disparage Trump. Is that all you got people? seems like there is a lot more to write about on the other side of the aisle if this qualifies as a news story.
  • | | 06 May 2016, 02:03 PM Agree 0
    Tell him to look at Trumps Uncle on his Aunts side of his stepbrothers sisters cousin and I am sure that she has a dog that Mr. Trump did not give a bone too. No wonder no one trusts the media. Why don't you try to find some good in a person instead of digging up ridiculous negative things to try to harm him.
  • Bill | | 06 May 2016, 04:27 PM Agree 0
    The young university indoctrinated liberal journalism graduate idiots have been deployed to MPA!
  • Brett | | 06 May 2016, 07:23 PM Agree 0
    This is ludicrous. Sensationalism at it's best, or actually , it's worst. It was his mother's money and she didn't do anything illegal. She was fortunate to get her money out of the fund, and for that her son get's sued. Again, simply ludicrous
  • Gary L | | 06 May 2016, 11:21 PM Agree 0
    Wow...this article is not worth the HTML it's printed on. Nice try to smear Trump, if that is all you got I will be very happy come November.
  • Calabash72 | | 07 May 2016, 06:04 AM Agree 0
    So what is wrong with Trump's pick??? What did he do wrong. If you dislike Trump so much why don't you write about it.
  • Authorised User | | 11 May 2016, 02:29 PM Agree 0
    The problem is that the Mnuchin's have so much money to begin with, that they should have returned these couple of million simply as a measure of respect. But no - even a million or two is enough to engage this family to fight for everything tooth and nail - even if they know the money is stolen.
  • RandyO | | 12 May 2016, 03:59 PM Agree 0
    It was wrong for the bankruptcy attorney to go after people who had withdrawn money more that one year prior.
    Horrible reporting and feeble attempt to discredit someone. You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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