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President Obama Declares New Fight Against Mortgage Fraud

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  • Orwell21 | | 26 Jan 2012, 04:44 PM Agree 0
    This is very interesting. Has the President and the Feds stopped the alleged deal between the AG's and the Banks that will sweep much of this under the rug? Why no announcement of that they froze those talks? If not this maybe the most evil attempt at manipulation ever by the President (and he some whoppers in first 3 years) during an election year. I doubt that this is anything but lip service as he will NOT throw any the millions he gets from Wall Street in an election year. Let's see if this is election BS or merely an attempt to muzzle Mr. Schneiderman while they get the other deal done.
  • Rory Darrow | | 26 Jan 2012, 06:03 PM Agree 0
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  • gobot | | 30 Jan 2012, 05:17 AM Agree 0
    Maybe I should get more involved with this type of stuff.
  • RJ | | 31 Jan 2012, 03:31 PM Agree 0
    This President is a FRAUD. He just spouts off incendiary comments he knows have no basis in reality and thinks the public wants to hear. Where is the mention of the REAL criminals in the whole mortgage FRAUD scheme? I am of course referring to Jim Johnson, Frankin Raines, (Respective Chairmen of Fannie Mae) Rep. Barney Frank, Sen. Chris Dodd, Anthony Mozilo of Countrywide Mortgage...... all of whom are and were in bed with one another conspiring to scam millions from Fannie Mae, 50% of which was funded by the Federal Government. Obama should quit blaming the mortgage banker on the street and blame instead the above referenced people and put them ALL in jail. How many millions did each make off of the pyramid scheme called B, C, D mortgages to FANIIE MAE? Follow the money trail back to the true criminals!
  • zap | | 08 Feb 2012, 02:56 PM Agree 0
    This is bull crap. I am the poor and I am a victim of mortgage fraud and not one person would help me when I brought my fight to the table in 2005 during the fanny mae and freddie mac scandals. fanny mae and freddie mac funded govt mortgages( USDA RURAL DIVSION) mortgages and i feel behind because i had ot take in to many displaced people due ot katrina. The mortgage mortgage wasn't properly handled, paperwork was lost, shuffled and down right ingnored to the point that the govt made an agreement with me to avoid foreclosing starting in Dec of that year. On November 2nd I sent in my payment, on Nov 18th it was returned to me stating they wouldn't accept payment and was foreclosing. I fought and tried to get everything done, mediations anything because after being behind for two months and they refused to do anythng, made an agreement ,then bold faced dishonored the agreement refused to let me sell my house for the 145 grand for a 115 grand bill so I could get a cheaper house, The broke into my home wihtout any notice locked me out of my house and took the home away. No notices but when they got caught, they sent my house key to the new locks to my temp place of stay on a plain white peice of paper stating key to your property. This was all turned into the Depart of justice and ignored my constitutional rights. couldn't get a damn lawyer anywhere, yet after the gov violates my rights breaches agreements all for the freddie mac and fannie mae scandal that gingrich profitted off of, I lost my house and no help. this pisses me off that everyone is after mortgage companies when I was screaming this in 2005 about our own damn govt and no help. Trust me I send them to this day letters after letters every other month to every three months as I was violated badly by our govt and their scams, This just sickens me with this president so willing to talk, but refusal to acknowledge help for those who were victims of the govt mortgage fraud
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  • rj | | 05 Mar 2012, 01:23 AM Agree 0
    me as poor need to stand up for are right stop letting people push you around.
    we need to start vote them out. put people in office that give shit about poor.
    piss on rich this country was built on backs of poor not on rich. we have baled
    enough big business out .know its poor people turn. poor pay more taxes then
    rich its time for poor.
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