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Planning for Failure

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  • Brian Todd | | 05 Dec 2012, 07:27 PM Agree 0
    This article decries the gentrification of residential and commercial areas, but offers no solutions, save a reference to "planning" for it not happen.

    You cannot "plan" to avoid something that is the result of human nature and predictable societal changes. Unless you personally are raising the capitol to pay for these changes, the free market will continue to allow the freedom for people to live, work, and commute where they like.

    Unless you are willing to be the first to move your family into a run-down area plagued by crime, antiquated roads and utilities, vagrants, and vermin and other pest infestations, don't blame the people who chose to leave all that for safer, better places, e.g. the well-designed new communities my clients create, intermixed with vibrant new schools, parks, and recreation venues.

    Many people do not to grasp that buildings are merely consumer products, and as with all consumer products, will be discarded when they are no longer serviceable and/or desirable. This line of reasoning inevitably leads to is taking away property owners' rights through tired and failed policies such as growth boundaries, inclusionary zoning, architectural design review, and geographically tiered builder fees.
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