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Pigs, Puppets & People in Peril

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  • Elizabeth Gillespie | | 09 May 2012, 03:29 PM Agree 0
    To Martin Andelman or anyone else at "The Niche Report":

    There is a firm you mention in "Pigs, Puppets & People in Peril" by Martin Andelman. It is called 1st Foreclosure Prevention and its vice president is Roie Raitses. You mention that his firm is reputable and that he and his wife were extremely helpful to you in researching this article.

    I have been trying to contact 1st Foreclosure or Raitses for over a year. Their phone numbers have been disconnected, their domain names are up for sale, and they seem to have disappeared along with about $3000 of mine and, from what I can see online, the money of many other of their clients. Many of us scraped up the last bit of money we could by selling belongings, begging, and borrowing, based on Raitses's promise to save our homes.

    Do you have any idea where he can be reached? I see that he has been forbidden from practice, and ordered to pay restitution by the state of Washington. They cannot help me, however, because I am not a resident of that state. If you have any information or advice about how I and the many others who fell prey to 1st Foreclosure can reach the company or Raitses, or about what process we should follow to reclaim our money from them, please, please, answer here or email me privately.

    I was having no problem paying my mortage. However the interest rate was quite high for the time, and my mortgage company suggested I participate in the HAMP program since I fell well within the necessary mortgage/income ratio. They requested reduced, trial payments for over a year, and then said "oops, you're not actually in the HAMP program, we're sorry we misled you, and the trial payments we've had you pay over the past year fall short of your original payments, so pay $15,000 within two weeks, or we'll foreclose."

    That's when I went to 1st Foreclosure and spoke with Roie Raitses. I had other choices, but he offered a reasonable solution and a good guaranty. He was a good salesman.

    Any advice you can offer me about how to get restitution for his theft would be greatly appreciated. The money I paid to him began a domino effect on my finances that I, as a single mother who has lost her shelter due to a scam, cannot recover from.

    Thank you,

    Elizabeth Gillespie
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