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Obama won’t punish HUD secretary for election law violation

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Mortgage Professional America | 22 Jul 2016, 08:15 AM Agree 0
A government report has concluded that statements made by HUD secretary Julian Castro violated election rules – but he won’t face any discipline from the White House
  • Not a fan of Hilary | | 22 Jul 2016, 11:38 AM Agree 0
    of course, let's make sure we support the criminal Hillary good lord. How transparent could this get.
  • No Hildabeast | | 22 Jul 2016, 11:51 AM Agree 0
    Corruption from the OMuslim administration has set the bar like no other.
  • youthink? | | 22 Jul 2016, 12:01 PM Agree 0
    Sure he not going to face any penalties. Most corrupt government in US history.
  • | | 22 Jul 2016, 07:32 PM Agree 0
    Castro called Clinton "the most experienced 2016 candidate" and criticized' Republicans. If he supported the Republicans or Trump, they would have hung him out to dry! Its all about the Dem's double standard and just another example how they protect their "insider" Hillary and think she is above the law like the rest of them!
  • RO | | 25 Jul 2016, 04:17 PM Agree 0
    just more of the current administration thumbing there nose at the law. How would you like to have one of these bimbo's picking your supreme court justice, vote Killary, If not Vote trump and turn Washington on its ear.
  • RO | | 25 Jul 2016, 04:18 PM Agree 0
    of course not !
  • KAS | | 13 Oct 2016, 07:08 PM Agree 0
    what campaign---both Trump and Hillary should not through stones..... and yes Castro is 'forgiven' because Ombama is likewise campaigning with slips here and there and then just out rights supports her.

    Well I have read up on Gary Johnson and is vp Weld-----more presidential than either of the two evils. So how do you vote for the less of two evils. Scary to think that Hillary's 4 judge nominees who are mini-mes of her, will be judges for life or until retired. The average judgeship is 16 years.....then again look at the historical ages of some of the judges....yikes. I just can not do that for my children and grandchildren!!!
    For me, that is the worse of the two evils.

    What about Trump---duck tape his mouth on any personal comments...just let his brain work....and then what do we have!!!
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