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Fed Chairman: Tight Credit Hindering Housing and Economic Recovery

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  • Naipaul Seegolam | | 11 Feb 2012, 02:55 AM Agree 0
    There is no money. More spin on a bankrupt U.S.A. since the country has fallen to poverty and more spin on a wall street that is the Truman show. The public who is the congresses slave do not beleive or accept the lies. Who owns the Banks, Federal Reserve and Treasury including the Three Corporation that makes up the United States and is blocked by our congress from putting money into to system but not allow congress to control the FUNDS. Ask Clinton, Greenspan and Bush and Obama. Ask for the title owner from the Federal Reserve in New Jersey and you will find the answere which is Adnan Sakli who is fighting all government to save our lives. All governments want's to control the funds. To keep us living like slaves.
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