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Clinton or Trump: Who’s better for housing?

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Mortgage Professional America | 03 Nov 2016, 04:30 PM Agree 0
Clinton has put forward more specific plans – but some experts doubt they’ll help. And Trump’s anti-regulation stance is appealing to many – but how would it work?
  • OldHoopsJunkie | | 03 Nov 2016, 04:59 PM Agree 0
    Make mortgages cheaper? Young man, did you just arrive from a distant galaxy? I've been an adult watching the mortgage market for 50 years now, and we are in the era of cheapest mortgages EVER. Mortgage rates are as low as, or lower than, in the 1950s, when I was a single-digits-age small child. In fact, they are VASTLY lower, because then, a very large percentage of the population was excluded from the mortgage market by one discriminatory means or another.

    Yes, I know ... Your job is to flack for the lenders who want to whine, like the oil industry, about all that government regulation.

    But the fact is that they and you are liars. Paid liars. You know it. I know it. And maybe one day, you'll find the integrity to write honestly. But not today.
  • Rikard Kilgaren | | 03 Nov 2016, 05:31 PM Agree 0
    I agree with OldHoopsjunkie. In 1981, I received a mortgage with an interest rate of 16.75% and was just happy that I could GET A HOME LOAN!

    Mr. Trump will be better for ALL UNITED STATES CITIZENS! Art least we can believe what he says! Not like Crooked Hillary and Lying Obama - you know, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. Mortgage Professionals (the publication) should stay out of the political arena.

    Further, without the false support from the Fed with respect to rates - right now, there would be no mortgage market. Why? Because when the rates increase, there will be billions - if not trillions - of dollars diverted from the money supply (real and notional) to support the Debt Service on the National Debt. We actually may see a return to the late 1970s and early 1980s when rates hit 16% and more - IF YOU CAN GET ANYONE TO LEND! Cost of funds will be atmospheric! Do not forget, the Prime Rate has been 21.5% in the past. It can happen again.
  • Captain America | | 04 Nov 2016, 10:30 AM Agree 0
    Well said OldHoops! But Richard's comments about Obama and Hillary are getting old and tired.....they are straight out of the old FOX playbook and obviously bereft of any research or regard for history! The sitting POTUS (and I realize not on his own) has presided over an economic recovery that well exceeds Mitt Romney's campaign predictions. And AGAIN, before you attack this administration for AT LEAST trying to reign in a tyrannical Health Care industry, maybe you can remind me of what the GOP was offering as solutions....yep, Bubkus! If you really want to nail down on true and utter corruption, I have a few words for you, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Rice and so forth...this country will paying for their behavior long after we are dead and buried.
    Now, back to Dodd-Frank and the CFPB, there is no crying in Retail Lending. Suck it up and work harder. And if Trump were ever to get elected, you would soon learn that he has NO PLAN for anything...he is a carnival barker and you are all lined up to give him your money.
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