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CFPB employees doubt leaders' honesty, integrity -- report

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Mortgage Professional America | 02 Dec 2014, 02:16 PM Agree 0
Morale at the CFPB is taking a nosedive, with line employees doubting the honesty and integrity of senior leaders, according to an internal survey
  • Viva la Revolucion | | 02 Dec 2014, 02:41 PM Agree 0
    That's what typically happens when you have an unconstitutionally appointed hack at the top of your organization.
  • Divided We Fall. | | 02 Dec 2014, 03:26 PM Agree 0
    Aw jeez. Another birther.
  • Aware American | | 02 Dec 2014, 04:27 PM Agree 0
    Do you pay any attention Mr. Divided We Fall? The head of the CFPB was appointed by President Obama as a "recess appointment" during a time the Senate was not actually in Recess. The Supreme Court later ruled in a related case that it was unconstitutional for Obama to do that. I believe he was referring to the head of the CFPB not the head of the country being appointed. Generally Presidents are not appointed.

    As far as the birther thing, it does not matter whether Obama was born in Hawaii or British South Africa, which is now Kenya. To be a "natural born citizen" one needs to be born in the country of two parents who are both already citizens of that country. If you do not believe me, look up The Law of Nations by Vattel. This is the law manual the Founders used to write to Constitution. It explains this definition quite clearly.
  • BaltimoreTony | | 02 Dec 2014, 11:16 PM Agree 0
    Oh, good Lord. Another faux news story. Anyone who has followed Federal agency employee survey results for the last decade already understands that employee opinions at most agencies have been dropping steadily, year over year. Especially on the faith and trust in senior leadership question. Check out recent articles from Government Executive, Federal Times, and WaPo, if you want to see credible journalism on this topic. I don't work at the CFPB, but their results don't place them anywhere near the bottom of Federal agencies. To the extent that their scores are dropping, my guess is that the CFPB is getting slowly dragged into the federal malaise of disrespect from Congress, political stalemates, budget shenanigans, and out-of-control unions under which every other Federal agency has long suffered. I can't speak to what's going on there, but pointing to this survey as news is equivalent to driving 30 miles and coming the shocking realization that your gas tank is nearly empty.
  • Cheryl M | | 03 Dec 2014, 08:06 AM Agree 0
    BaltimoreTony, I agree and kudos to Aware American. I have had actual conversation and been on many many conference calls with Customer Service reps. at the CFPB and in each instance their attitudes were just unacceptable to the human race. They are rude, nasty people. Everyone in their position has the human ability to use their "nice voice," use common sense, be pleasant, professional etc....I've never heard that once at the CFPB. There's no reason for their attitudes you get that right off the bat no matter what the situation. Forget about last year, this year, they've been like this from the word GO. If they were to turn the CFPB offices in IOWA into a 5 star hotel they'd all be fired. The problem is they're tech geeks, all they want to do is process what comes in from online. Speaking was never their strong sides, planting their faces in computer screens and running key strokes is all they have going on. So lesson learned, process everything through emails and forget the CFPB has an 800 number.
  • JohnR | | 06 Dec 2014, 10:50 AM Agree 0
    You know this whole article reads like a politically motivated assault on an agency that's had an uphill battle from the very start. Let's face it, those in OUR Govt. who've beholdened themselves to the Finance Industry absolutely and positively do not want the CPFB to exist and have spent $ Millions trying to either stop it or scandal it from it's inception. They spent so much, in fact, that any article I read against the CPFB now goes through a "Bullshit" filter that will never go away. What's that old line... Eh too Brutea.... me thinks ye protest to much.

    Please don't misunderstand me, if there actual employee "problems" within the CPFB, then that's probably pretty normal for any Govt. agency and/or Corp. entity. Happens everday, has happened everyday since groups of people started congregating under one roof, all around the world. If there are illegal practices happening then charges need to be filed and let the prosecutions begun... I haven't heard of any of that happening yet. Of course if they're also taking money from the Financial Lobbyists then no matter what they do.. they wouldn't be prosecuted (How many examples of that truth do we need?).

    Soooo.... I give the whole article a 10 on the Bullshit Propaganda scale.

    BTW... 10 is as high as the scale goes.
  • JohnR | | 06 Dec 2014, 11:18 AM Agree 0
    I'm a Native Ohioan and the head of the CPFB, before becoming that agency's head, was Ohio's Attorney General and as such he was a powerful and passionate and effective warrior on the side of consumer rights. One only has to look at the history of the Industry his new position is to protect the citizenry from with an open eye to realize he has an enormous job ahead of him... against a gargantuan opponent.

    Is he perfect? Are you? Am I? None of us are. Is he trying? I would have to say he is. Would anyone else do better? Maybe... but I've heard of no one else even suggesting someone take his place. What I have heard so far is inuendo and just a bunch of name calling... 3rd grade tactics.

    When the Banking Industry decided it was better to lie, cheat and steal and then to buy their way into the world's largest welfare system... they screwed up. They are now the largest recipient of welfare on the entire planet. When our Govt. handed them the money and while our Govt. continues to hand them money while they continue to let them lie, cheat and steal, our Govt,'s screwing up.

    So far our FBI (they received in 2011 a petition signed by 11,000 certified property appraisers stating the Lenders had told them all that unless they gave the inflated appraisals that THEIR industry demanded, then those appraisers would get no more work) has screwed the US Citizens, the IRS (they have thousands of whistleblower cases on file proving the trusts supposedly containing the MBS's didn't actually contain them at all and were therefore "Busted Trusts" which would give the US Taxpayer 10's of $ Billions through fines and penalties... but they refuse to prosecute even 1) has screwed the US Citizens, The SEC and OCC, it is now known, didn't even make an attempt at doing their job of "Regulating"... yet I'm not hearing any recognition of any of that... and for the most part our judiciary in every state doesn't even seem to understand that those who are foreclosing on, so far, over 16 Million homes since 2008, don't have the legal rights to do so.

    There's an old, old saying..... when you point your finger at someone... there's 3 more pointing right back at you.

  • JustFacts: NoSpin | | 14 Dec 2014, 11:41 AM Agree 0
    JohnR, Your writing is quickly disconnected from reality. This agency has shown they lack competency of a real world innovator. They craft massively long documents that repeat the same bureaucratic regulatory confusion with no clarity for consumers or the businesses that serve and employ them. When I have called to point out the anti-consumer consequences of these bloated rules their first response is no that is not a correct interpretation. On 2 separate rules the CFPB lawyers that I spoke with called me back 2 days later to indicate that yes the impact on consumers is adverse. I asked when the CFPB was going to correct the rules, both times I was told they are not and its too bad for the consumers.

    The leadership of this mafia style organization known as CFPB seeks power and money. It incompetency of the leadership in serving the consumer is evident in their inability or lack of desire to write rules that provide simplicity and clarity for all individuals involved in consumer financial products and services. One simple example is their TILA-RESPA Disclosure. This new form and rules continue the anti-consumer pro Big Bank manipulation to treat the same mortgage terms as different based upon mortgage being originated by a mortgage brokerage versus mortgage bank.

    Now really, why would the exact same mortgage be presented to the consumer as a Consumer Paid Compensation or Lender Paid Compensation if originated by a mortgage brokerage with restrictions how the interest rate credit (YSP/SRP) can be used by the consumer? This exact same mortgage originated by a mortgage banker first does not disclose their origination revenue YSP/SRP and thus no restriction on using the YSP/SRP for closing costs.

    Why would the CFPB rules create 2 different APR's for the exact same mortgage terms and costs based upon if originated by a mortgage brokerage or mortgage banker? Ah, to create confusion for the consumer and create a fraudulent misrepresentation upon the consumer that prevents their ability to shop for a home mortgage.

    This survey on lack of CFPB leadership's honest and integrity clearly reflects not only the treatment of consumers; but, also the employees that are acknowledging their frustrations of having to admit the anti-consumer rule creation. It is no surprise this newly created Big Government Bureaucracy seeks to perpetuate the incompetency prevalent in Washington D.C. Worse, it allows the Executive Branch henchpeople to avoid accountability by receiving its entire ongoing resources through fines and penalties, for which it pays bonuses based upon intimidation money racketeering.
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