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Bringing UP the REAR: U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder

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  • James Donovan | | 03 Mar 2012, 10:10 AM Agree 0
    Martin, the aliens have already landed. They are sitting firmly by the bull down on the street and waiting for the former GSE's to start the unwind. Once FNM and FRE begin to take the MTM losses, you will see the NA's start to repatriate some of the assets to their balance sheet and liquidate. The real ugly part will roll out of the FED, as they have a ton of inventory sitting in BONY Trusts and entities with cute names like Sutton Place. Martin, you have come a long way as an investigative reporter since we first chatted back in early 2009. You should stay focused on the aliens, they are the same aliens that showed up with empty suitcases back in 2008 and carted off billions by selling garbage to their clients, while they had their prop trading desk shorting the contract to the clients; telling them the pools were solid.

    You know who the aliens are already. They landed recently on the Starship Venture Capital which came from the galaxy of Private Equity. Galaxy Private Equity is special, because everyone rents and nobody owns. No interest deduction and deleverage is offset by rent-cash-flow and PMI Strips.

    So, Capt. Martin T. Kirk, keep up the good workand before of the green chick, rumor has it that William Shatner got herpes from her.
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