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FL, Single-Family, Refinance, $90K, 632 FICO, 60% LTV
Posted on 8/15/2013 1:07:35 PM

I have a brw who wants to do a FHA cash out refi to buy out her ex-husband's portion of equity. I have an approve/eligible. The brw had a ch7 bk may 2010. the new co-brw is her boyfriend who will be moving into the house with her. We will be using his income for ratios. She is self employed and writes off most of her income. Presently, the ex is living there until he is bought out. She had lates on her student loan after the bk which seems to be the sticking point with other lenders. The student loans are now in deferrment.

  • by David Rose on 9/6/2013 11:58:46 AM

    If you have not found a lender to help you yet, I would like to here more information and see if it is something we can help you with. Please call me 800-LOAN HOME ext. 242 MLO#301760

  • by Steve Kazmarek on 8/22/2013 9:39:46 AM

    This is something that I believe I may help you with. I am with a direct lender with multiple financing options. Also, I have over 30 years experience in the mortgage real estate industry.Currently in a conference, but can talk in about 2 hours. My cell is 443-739-6847 and available to you even late in the evening.

  • by Walter B. Turner on 8/19/2013 7:14:11 AM

    Please give me a call at 770 573-0733 because this is something I can do

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State Requested Amount Property Type Loan Type FICO LTV Posted
MO $200K Condo Purchase 80% 8/15/2013
Details description Any Lender that allows for builder to still be in control of HOA and not the homeowners
MO $103K Manufactured Refinance 80% 8/15/2013
Details description Any LTV Doublewide Financing
CA $350K 2-4 Family Refinance 725 60% 8/15/2013
Details description borrower has modified loan on subject property (owner-occupied). Never late prior to or since modification. Principal reduction was part of mod.


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