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FL, Other, Construction, $K, FICO, 3% LTV
Posted on 5/24/2016 5:08:57 PM

At The Arab Investment Company, our dedicated teams provide you with the best options from our effective financing/investment programs; thereby creating financing/re-financing solutions for all types of companies and individuals - from Start-ups, small, medium enterprises to large corporate firms. Our aim however, is to provide a competitive finance package that meets your unique business requirements. One that is structured to provide adequate headroom to cover unforeseen eventualities, is run by client managers who stay in close contact to help guide through the financing process, and is backed up by a real-time leading-edge. In addition, our specialized TAIC financial services teams are segregated based on turnover, which means we can readily deliver commercial/personal financing services aligned to suit your particular needs. At TAIC, we make our customers happy. For details, write us now.

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State Requested Amount Property Type Loan Type FICO LTV Posted
VA $550K Single-Family Construction 740 60% 5/21/2016
Details description Hello, my name is Boris. I am looking to obtain an unusual lending arrangement. I am under contract for a lot in Northern Virginia, and plan on building myself. The general respons ...
CA $700K Single-Family Purchase 700 75% 5/12/2016
Details description Client had Chapter 13 (business) discharged 2 years ago. -Otherwise spotless credit.
NY $750K 2-4 Family Purchase 700 10% 5/11/2016
Details description Mortgage for sale in the heart of Brooklyn. MORT AMT: 750K 5YR@%. Will increase ROI up to 10%. Please schedule an appointment. (516)425-6600.


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