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CA, Single-Family, Purchase, $700K, 700 FICO, 75% LTV
Posted on 5/12/2016 2:30:42 PM

Client had Chapter 13 (business) discharged 2 years ago. -Otherwise spotless credit.

  • by Eugene Carpenter on 8/17/2016 7:30:01 AM





    * 100% Financing & No LTV Restrictions
    * Purchase, Purchase/Rehab, Refinance: No Cash Out
    * Refinance/Rehab: Debt Consolidation
    * Construction
    * 30 Year Term, No Pre-Payment Penalty
    * Approximately (+/-) 1% Fixed Rate. No Rate Restriction
    * No Credit Check (FICO): Asset Based
    * Minimum Loan Amount is: $350,000.00 and upward. No maximum
    * 2nd Home/Vacation Home is underwritten case by case


    4.5% of the loan amount/loan request; includes Bond Premium, Lender, Underwriting, and Appraisal Report & Survey Fees.

    Client: Needs to provide (Proof of Funds of: 4.5%) to start submission.

    Client pays invoice after receiving their loan quote from underwriting upon approval “Must be paid in Order to proceed”.

    Funds are wired to: Trust Account @ Wells Fargo Bank (BCL: Bank Capability Letter: Generated at the time).

    Brokerage Commission: 4% of loan request; is due at the time of funding. Purchase/Re-finances: This fee can be built into the loan request. (Brokers are protected).

    30-45 days for closing.


    1. Submit the Uniform Residential Loan Application 1003 along with Proof of Funds to Dawnn L. Long, Alexis Realty Solutions at dawnnlong@gmail.com along with your referring Alexis Consultant’s name. You will also need to provide Purchase Agreement.

    2. The underwriter will require the following:

    A. Purchase Agreement
    B. Financials
    C. Appraisal
    D. Title work
    E. May ask: Land Survey

    3. After approval of your loan, you will receive a Funding Addendum that you will need to have your client sign and notarize and wire the 4.5% bond money within 24 hours.

    4. Upon client’s request you will receive an Approval letter.

    Please note the following:

    • Closing cost is a tax write-off.

    • Broker fees are also a write-off; tell your clients keep all statements and receipts we provide to them.

    • 4.5% bond funding is also a tax write-off.

    • Inspection Fee Included.

    • You can use this loan product to refinance current home as well as follows: (Use the same 1003 Application)

    - You can pay off your current mortgage by providing lender’s name and home owner insurance company, agent, address and phone number.

    - You can pay off your debts

    - You cannot get cash back on this loan product

    Account Executive
    (414) 779-4730 cell
    Email: creditconcepts365@gmail.com

  • by Climax funding group @gmail.com on 6/20/2016 1:11:50 PM

    We do has lenders for your project. Kindly contact us to initiate the funding process.

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