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KS, Residential, Refinance, $172K, FICO, 60% LTV
Posted on 1/27/2015 3:16:44 PM

3 SFR plus one personal OO residence. Need $172,000 to refinance all. $295k total resale market value, $250,340 current county appraisal. Ideas welcome. All are located in Wichita, KS and suburb. Owner needs to refi, bank was bought out 2 years ago and is trying to close out all old mortgages. Borrower never 30PD on any notes. Credit is low due to recent business law suits (he won) but was forced to use chapter 13 to hold off on personal debt while fighting frivolous law suits at the appeals level ($125k in legal fees - but he won) - now need to refi the 3 personally owned rental homes and his personal residence. Existing note is with local bank that is not owned by the same group as it was 8 years ago when original notes were taken out. Currently paying 6%.

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State Requested Amount Property Type Loan Type FICO LTV Posted
FL $325K Commercial Refinance 65% 1/16/2015
Details description Hello, please see below I have a client with a 734 mid score looking for a stated/no doc commercial loan. Please see below and advise. For more information, please contact me at 30 ...
FL $2M Commercial Refinance 60% 1/13/2015
Details description This loan is a true asset base loan and the property is own by a Church. my Church client is looking for a private commercial loan for the amount of 1.8 M. The property is loca ...
FL $244K Investment Property (Residential) Purchase 70% 1/5/2015
Details description 10605 Drayton Ct. Tampa, FL 33626 Acquisition Price: $204,756 Rehab Estimate: $10,000 (inspection done & itemized total is $9,300; includes flooring, carpet ...


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