Why we need more ‘feelers’ in the mortgage industry

by David Lykken20 Jul 2017
No doubt it's important to have people on our teams in the mortgage industry who are smart. We need people who can identify and solve important problems. We need people who can work intelligently within systems and achieve goals through thoughtful execution of strategic initiatives. That being said, it's not enough to just fill our team with people who are “smart” in the traditional sense. We also need people who are emotionally engaging.

“Feelers,” people who are more in tune with emotions than they are with logic, are important for building a healthy organizational culture. They are typically great at communication and cooperation. “Feelers” are what make the team a team rather than merely a bunch of separate people just doing their jobs. “Feelers” are connectors, bridging the gaps between people who tend to see things more rationally and don't really focus on relationships. For the success of your organization, you need people who are “feelers.”

But “feelers” are also important for the success of the industry. Sometimes, our industry—as with much of the financial sector—can suffer from a particular image problem. The public can sometimes think that we are heartless and only interested in meeting the bottom line and increasing profits. People often struggle to see the humanity in the mortgage industry. Putting more emotionally engaging people into the mortgage industry can help reduce this problem. Empathy can break down walls and build trust. And our industry could always use a little more trust.

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