Are you taking advantage of social media?

by Dave Hershman27 Mar 2018

I know I need to get started with social media. But I am not that great with a computer. And I am busy with calls from my agent. I have set up a few sites like Facebook – but they just sit there because I get busy.

– Jason from Tampa


You seem to be in the same position as many other loan officers today. Some have jumped right in and it takes so much time to keep up with, it hurts their business rather than helping it. Others have dipped their toe in, but are afraid to jump. They see others having some success, but they just see an endless rabbit hole. Still others are focusing in one area and becoming experts at taking advantage of the opportunities.

Social media, by definition, is very vast. Thus, you have to have a strategic approach. If you don't have such a plan, the rabbit hole will not only seem endless – it will be endless, and it can sap your time and energy. So instead of a "fire, ready, aim" approach, you actually need to sit down and decide what your goals are, the scope of the effort you want to put into the venture and more. For example, some go on social media and are posting recipes and great events such as National Bow Tie Day. Others are trying to deliver real value and position themselves as experts. So, what are your goals for a social media strategy? We will talk about that a bit more next week in a series that will carry us for quite some time.



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